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I know I said I would get to this yesterday - but I just for some reason had too much going on in my head to make sense. Not that it will make sense today but I feel like I can at least write today. I have moments that there is so much in my head that I don't know how to get it out and make sense of it....yesterday was really like that and today still feels that way a little bit.

I also feel just very tired and out of it for the last 2 days. When I said that yesterday, Master laughed. He felt I had a few things going on.....this past weekend that would make me feel tired and out of it...I guess I can see His point. :) lol

Several things to cover but the first being...November 17th...

It is kind of interesting how some things are very clear....

November 17th is the day I answered Master's first email to me. He had written me while I had been in Detroit. I remember so clearly the night I read His email to me because I stopped at Katrina's on the way in from Detroit on the 16th. I spent that night with her before going back to Bill and Lisa's on the 17th. Katrina and I went to look at something on and I had mail there. Lots as I had not checked it in a while - I skimmed through some of the posts.

And there was one from LordSpooner :) It was a good email. I was REALLY impressed by it. I read it to Katrina. I was intrigued so much that I answered His email the next day. What I find interesting is He did not write me for a while...that He had known about me via a friend of ours and also He was on Ayn's Place and had read my blogger months before writing me. I am very happy He finally contacted me.

I will never forget His email. And I am so glad that He emailed me. (I have thanked that friend - that told Him about me - many times.)

This past weekend....

It was a really great weekend. I really liked having my parents here. I enjoyed their visit. I had not seen them since Christmas 2002. So it was nice to see them and have them meet Master. They really like Him, His home and Grand Junction.

Lets see I wrote about Saturday....Sunday....Master played tour guide. He is good at it :) We started the morning off with breakfast. They really liked the place we went. (They ended up eating their again Tuesday morning before they left town.) We drove around for a while after breakfast showing them different areas of Grand Junction such as the corner art here on Main Street. (and our dream house too), then stopped off the Trading Post before heading up to the Colorado Monument. We walked out on to some of the cliffs to get some better pictures. It was kind of windy. Then we came back home, watched some football and talked, before going to dinner at one of my favorite places. It was Itailan...I had my favorite Asiago Chicken.

Then Monday Master had to my Mom and Dad came over to pick me up. We then went to the new Wal-Mart. There are now 2 Wal-Mart's in Grand Junction....yes 2 whole Wal-Marts *grins* (if I have not said it before - shopping sucks in Grand Junction). Mom wanted to get our Christmas presents while she was here so that she did not have to mail them. She did not like the idea of me knowing, but also wanted to get something I want or could use. I asked for practical things which my Mom is not always thrilled about either - a bread machine and then also a bigger crock pot. So she bought those and then a Bronco's sweatshirt for Master. I know Mom will end up mailing us stuff too...probably a couple gift certificates.

My sisters live in the same town as my parents and my Mom buys them things throughout the year...dinner, clothing and other odds-n-ends. And I don't live in the same town so when she does see me she goes crazy on spending. I hold her back though a lot because I just don't see it to be necessary. I don't care what she does for my sisters....I was just happy to see her and my Dad. I was glad they were here to meet Master and see where I live and that I am happy. :)

After Wal-Mart we went downtown. We were going to go walk the shops before meeting Master for lunch when Master called earlier then we thought so we just went into one store. I had never been in that shop and it was very cute. We then met Master for lunch. It was really good. I tried something different in the restaurant. As we were sitting in the restaurant it started to get very windy and then looked like it was raining and then BIG snowflakes finally started to come down. So instead of walking around downtown after that...we went to the mall. I bought a blanket for our bed. It is really soft :)

We then came back here and Mom wrapped our Christmas presents. We had the plastic bags from the stuff around the table. There was one lying on the living room floor - a bigger one. The cats like plastic bags. They like the sounds they make when they lay on them and walk on them. Well C1, the little boy cat, was laying on a plastic bag and the loop of the handle went around his neck....

Well as soon as I saw it about to happen....I tried to be calm and walk to C1, but.......of course he got spooked before I could get to him. And he ran because he was spooked and even though it was sad that he was was funny too. C1 looked like superman with a cape flying behind him. He ran to the bedroom then ran back through the living room to the spare room with this big blue bag flying off his back. He finally stopped under the futon in the spare room. I was laying on my belly trying to calm him so I could pull the bag off of him. But as soon as I moved my hand towards him, he would hiss. I talked to him calmly and finally was able to get the sack off, but he hid out under the futon for a while since he was still spooked. I tried to coax him out, but he did not move. So I left him alone and finally about an hour later he sneaked out into the hall. He sat there but then eventually started sneaking his way closer and closer. He then made it to the edge of the kitchen when I started dinner...I started to go to him and pet him but he of course ran away so I coaxed him back that time with some cat nip and after that he seemed to be friends with me lol Cats are so times....he acted like he was mad at me for him getting the sack on around him. I am sure he felt, "well you left that evil plastic bag there" LOL Anyway he is all fine and dandy now. He actually is lying at my feet because I have a blanket wrapped around me and some draping on to the floor so he would rather be on the blanket then on the carpet in front of Master's feet.

So on to other things...

I have been really sad and down the last few days. I am sure some of it has to do with my parents being here and now gone. But I know that I am kind of down just because.....

Things that I normally can blow off are really sticking with me. And I don't like it. I pulled a Rune a little bit ago and it was....Algiz ~ Protection

"Control of the emotions is at issue here."

That is the first line of the entry on it.

"Do not try to pull down the veil and escape from life by denying what is happening. You willprogress; knowing that is your protection."

Progress to where is what I am curious about....?

Here is the horoscope for today....
LIBRA (Sep 23–Oct 22): An unsolvable problem can reach an impasse and become so annoying that you actually do something about it. And…in a brief moment, just as you thought it would never be solved…it is gone. Well, not entirely. Surely, things are better, but this isn’t a miracle. That things get better are the result of your willingness to take action.

Here is my horoscope for tomorrow....
LIBRA (Sep 23–Oct 22): With the Moon now back in your sign for a couple of days, get ready for a roller-coaster ride. As you search for an easy way through these days, keep in mind that the planets are making things bigger than they really are--not that they are unimportant. Your dilemma will be in having enough perspective so you know what is real. It may be time to make a stand for what you believe, but what do you really believe?

So something is going on with me. :(

Oh forgot to say easlier in my post....I don't think my parents noticed any of our protocols. I only messed up 2 times. I almost called Master - Master in front of them once and then I asked for a diet coke in front of my Mom. I just kept going like it was nothing and she did not ask me about it so either she did not think it was weird or it just was in and out of her mind quickly because I did not make a big deal about it.

I guess I will post this...I know I have more to write about but not sure where to go with it.....

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