Saturday, June 19, 2010

...then there was giggling

We were suppose to be meeting someone Tuesday but she flaked. Why? We have no idea. Gut saying she had someone already in the picture and we were her back up plan. When we wanted to take it to that next step, she knew she couldn't go there as she was already involved with someone so flaked.

Because of her flaking, Master was pretty bummed yesterday. After being out most of the afternoon, we came back - and played. So that Master could get some of his frustrations out. We played for several hours. We did things kind of in reverse from our usual play. Usually we kind of play with some slapping, punching and stuff like that before we have sex and orgasm. This time Master had me in naked except for a hood and black opera length gloves - which is pretty much standard. And I gave him a hand job with the gloves on. After he had an orgasm, he then played with me hurting my cunt and giving me LOTS of orgasms. And then after that we played more. Which is unusual for us after we have orgasms. He caned, spanked, slapped, grabbed and punched me. He covered pretty much the length of my whole body. After I was flying pretty high, I was going from crying to giggling and looking at the pretty lights above our bed.

We were both feeling pretty good but I was also STARVING by this time. And was wishing we lived in a bigger city so that Chinese take out would be delivered to us...well not delivered to us in bed but damn that would have been nice last night. Instead we got dressed and went to grab it since we live in a smaller town. By the time we ate it was 9pm. We had started playing about 5:30pm maybe 5:45.

My cunt today still stings and hurts from all the pain Master inflicted on it. And my bottom and shoulders are hurting.


  1. Hi Danae

    I've come back from the lamost dead. See you are still living the high life how cool! trying to write again with the ops on trying!

    love always Rainex

  2. I had someone flake out on me and Sir this past month. Being sort of new, I was really bummed and felt a little like a failure. Thanks for the reality check. We had a fun play session too.

  3. Sounds like an awesome evening!


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