Wednesday, June 27, 2012

last week

photo by Master - Latex Patrol Officer in Denver - click on photo for bigger view
* teacup was here last week. This time even though it was almost 12 more hours she was felt shorter.  We are very sad she had to go.

* We had some amazing memories created though. We went out to our desert spot and Master had us get naked and used the single tail and cat-o-nine on us.  We watched the sunset and then stayed until stars came out and watched those for a while too. It was a very nice evening.  Before we left though Master was looking through some bondage books and he ended up hitting me with one bondage book - out of all the BDSM toys we have and he uses on me - I hardly EVER bruise. But I did with the book.

* We were able to take a day trip back to where Master collared teacup. Master and teacup went out for dinner - had a date night  for their 2 month collarversary.

* Master had a last minute add to his work schedule that took us all out of town.  We got to go through beautiful country and mountain passes and the place we ended up in was equally beautiful. We stayed a little ways out of the town he was working - at a resort that ended up being cheaper than staying in town. The room was great...had a kitchenette and beautiful view and king size bed so we could all sleep together. (at home we have queen size bed so that isn't possible.)

We played quite a bit and I realized something there that Master awoke the masochist in me a while back when he used the single tail on me.  Ever since then I can handle the pain better and just enjoy the pain as each implement hits my skin.

On the way there teacup and I had to wear butt plugs. I wore the Njoy Pure plug large anal sex toy and teacup wore the Tantus Ryder Butt plug on the way to our destination. There were many bumps in the road that Master liked to hit and cause us to squirm.

We watched 9 1/2 Weeks and then teacup and I dressed up for Master matching hoods and gloves topping off each of our looks.  It was funny at one point - we were both done dressing and I was seeing if she was ready to lifted the mouth in my hood to see out and here she was peering back at me the same way by lifting the mouth of hood to see me. We both burst into giggles - all the while Master is laying on the bed with his eyes closed letting us surprise him with our outfits. It was pretty funny but I am sure it was one of those moments in which you had to be there.

While Master worked on the second day, teacup and I went into some little shops and went to take photos. It was nice to just have that time alone to talk and hang out.

*  On Saturday I laid out pillows and blankets on the living room floor. I added the Liberator ramp and did something I have tried before but was hard without really hurting Master's knees as he just can't be on his knees at all - very long.  The Liberator helped us out with this.  It takes the pressure off the knees - at least it does for all 3 of us.  He was able to be on his knees so I had access to his ass and rimmed him.  teacup played with his cock and balls and I played with his ass all while watching BDSM lesbian porn (which I will do a post just on the porn at some point.)   After orgasms from Master and teacup, Master beat me. He used lots of different toys on me - toys we haven't used in years.  It was fun.  Even though he beat me hard and for quite a long time - still no bruises. He says he is just going to beat me with a door knob from now on as I can run into a door knob and bruise but he can beat me with all sorts of toys and not make a lasting mark.

* Food this time was a flop. I just couldn't get anything right with regards to our meals.  I made homemade hoagies which I have made several times before - and this time they wouldn't raise.  I made meatball sub casserole and it turned out too soggy. I made philly steak mixture and it turned out blah. It just didn't work out for me this time.

* Movies - we watched the Matrix trilogy as teacup hadn't seen it before and we really like them.  We also watched - The Pet, 9 1/2 weeks and Lesbian BDSM Volume 1. More about The Pet and the dvd later.

* Last time teacup was here - it was her vacation so I had a hard time not only letting her help me with things because in my mind it was her vacation and she should rest but also it is giving up things I do for Master to her and it is hard to do that.  But I know she wants to help, I know Master wants her to help and so this time I did let go some.  She helped me out several times and I am thankful she is patient with my OCD tendencies - especially when it comes to loading the dishwasher. I really had to almost sit on my hands when she loaded the dishwasher because I am so ocd about how it is loaded.  Master threatened to come cuff me to the chair.  But I got through it and she was so nice in being patient with me.  We found ways for her to serve Master more this time and I am sure it will just get easier as time goes on.

* So being the realist - I will mention we of course had bumps.  Mostly just me having issues spring up.  Some of it is stuff I went through in the past when I lived in the poly household in Ohio.  Some of it is just baggage from Master and I that rears its ugly head.  Some of just my self-confidence tapes playing.  It is just how it is and each time things like this happen we talk it out. It isn't always pretty and it can be hard to resolve and let go at times.  But we still keep moving forward so that is good.

* Friends - we were able to have teacup meet up with 3 friends.  One friend Master has known since high school. She knows of our lifestyle both poly and the M/s.  She came with us to pick up teacup at the airport.  We were able to hang with her most of the afternoon and evening - it was so much fun! I love her to pieces!

We also met up with local lifestyle friends on our back from our trip.  It was so good to see them. They are always a pleasure to be around and I am thankful teacup could meet them.

It was hard to see her go. It always is hard. We won't get to see her again until November so we are all very sad that there is a such a long time between visits this time. But we are also all crossing our fingers that something can be worked out that maybe we might get a chance to see each other before then.  Master and I have each other but teacup is alone remembering how that was when I was without him - I know how hard that can be. I just wish we could make it easier for her.  It is hard and we just all have to keep looking forward to the next time and hang on the wonder memories we have created.

*** photo was taken when we were in Denver to take teacup back to the airport.

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