Monday, November 09, 2009


I am sitting here a little fuzzy. Fuzzy is good! Well this kind of fuzzy at least! Master came into my studio earlier with his hard cock hanging out of his underwear. Of course that got my attention. He came to see what I was doing - let me finish that. And then grabbed me by the hair and pushed my mouth down to his cock. After just a few moments of sucks and licks, he was dragging me off to the bedroom.

He stopped me in the living room and pulled my shirt off before having me hold my hands behind my neck while he pulled the rest of my clothes off. And then marched me to the bedroom where he proceeded to use me in such delicious ways.....lots of holding my head to down on his cock to that I would choke, pulling my hair, squeezing my throat, slapping, punching, grabbing and squeezing various bits with fingers digging into my flesh and then rinse and repeat. After giving him a blow job, he smear his cum on my face and then pushed me on to my back spread my legs and grabbed, pulled, twisted with fingers digging into my cunt. He would touch soft and tenderly and then suddenly my cunt would be on fire from the pain searing through it as he tortured me. I of course didn't come when he was touching my no no...I came when he was hurting the hell out of me.

When I got up, I had that freshly fucked look down pretty good. Hair wildly going every way, hanging in my eyes, sticking to my face where it had dried in the cum....oh yes...freshly fucked indeed.

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