Saturday, July 22, 2006

Question 3 - to the ask me ANYTHING post

Here on blogspot - question 2 is skipped because question 2 was more of a livejournal question.

Was your Master the first man you committed to outside of escorting? How did that come about? I mean, you meeting Him and then leaving that business?

Okay I don't think I understand this questions - so to the person who asked it - if I am not going the right direction on this question - please feel free to leave me another screened comment in that Ask me ANYTHING post.

I think that first question you are asking: Was Master the first man I committed to after escorting and that answer is no. I was involved in a Daddy/little girl relationship when I first started escorting and had 2 girlfriends. I then while escorting ended up having a couple play partners, another girlfriend and also was involved in 2 D/s relationships - and all of them knew I was an escort. One of the D/s relationships I was in - the dominant didn't like that I was an escort - and he felt I must have low self esteem and that is why I was an escort. (rolling my eyes as I think that I even was involved with him.) I also owned an escort agency at the same time - not sure I ever have talked about that much - so while I was involved with that dominant I didn't take as many personal clients and just ran the agency.

After I met Master he didn't have a problem with me working while I was in Ohio but he was very explicit that once I was with him here I would not do it. And there are lots of reasons for that - but the main one is his job.

I do miss it at times though. And I have happily masturbated since then to some of the "dates" with my favorite clients.

I am always curious to hear how other people decide what party (if any) they identify themselves with. It seems your Master is also very strong in His political beliefs. Was He an influence on you, in yours? Or have you always identified the way you do?

I know I vote democratic mostly. But how I vote really comes down to really looking at the candidates and seeing if their beliefs align with my own. Such as in the 2004 elections - I researched Bush and Kerry. I mean I can't stand Bush in the first place but I really looked at what he said and how he acted and decided he was the worse of the 2 evils and so I voted for Kerry. (You can go here to see my post right before we voted on why I didn't vote for Bush).

Master has VERY strong in political beliefs. One of his majors in college was political science so I would say politics is a passion for him. He doesn't want to see our freedoms taken away. And so he is very vocal about his political opinions.

He is not really an influence on my beliefs. Before we got together that was one thing I wanted to make sure I was with someone who has similar political beliefs because in the past that has not been that case and it has made for some very uncomfortable and irritating situations! Though I do need to say Master and I don't agree on everything in politics but most things we do. Because Master is so vocal in his beliefs though it does make me more politically aware then I have been in the past.


  1. Just wanted to drop you a comment saying I love the new look :)

  2. Thank Am...I was just getting sick of the blue although I loved the art image.

  3. Sweet new template! I like it.


  4. Thank you Luna! I just don't have time to make my own so I was glad to find another I really liked at I used to once upon a time switch templates/layout designs every 6 months but I just haven't had time lately so the blue one I have probably had the longest. So it was good to FINALLY change it!


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