Monday, December 12, 2005

Winter Count - March

Okay so winter count for March is me with Raspberry hair. It doesn't show up how brilliant it was those first few days. Then it faded to more of a burgundy. I really loved the color. But I hated the dye I used (manic panic). It actually burned my skin.

Shortly after I dyed my hair we went on a day trip and stopped to have lunch at a very small town diner. And I was dressed in black skirt, black tights, black sweater, black chunky mary janes...with my bright raspberry hair.....EVERYONE in the diner turned as I entered and watched us walk to our seats. I felt like Wednesday Addams - the way people looked at her when she entered a room. I wondered what they were thinking as they looked at my raspberry hair. Maybe they were making up stories about me like I do with others when I people watch. I wondered if the stories were exciting....or weird....maybe kinky.


  1. I think the raspberry hair is pretty *S*... as I think you are pretty *lil grin*...... what I -don't- like it that it burned your skin! Ouch! And a half!! *L*.... Manic Panic sounds like something to avoid.... maybe you should suggest a new name for the dye "burnt raspberry" or something.... burnt for the skin and raspberry for the hair *shivers*....

    anyway tis pretty *S*.....

  2. I've read your blog for quite a while now but I don't think I've commented before. After seeing this month's winter count pic I just wanted to say... hello, gorgeous!

    Take care,

  3. my husband died his hair bright purple with manic panic dye one time (I have no idea what he was thinking!!)

    I just remember it being a big pain in the butt.... he's NOT the hair stripping soak with pretty colors on your head kinda guy!!

    about a day or two later he shaved his whole head!!

    I LOVE the raspberry hair!! very pretty!!

    and I LOVE chunky black mary janes!!!

  4. What beautiful hair danae!! I had the reddest hair when I got married to Master Anakin. But that rasperry hair is just amazing and brilliant looking. I love the color and you are beautiful!

  5. I love the color! I begged for something similar but it wasn't to be :( Maybe if I show off your picture though it would help my cause!

    Question, or confusion (they go hand in hand with me) Wasn't it Tuesday Weld and Wednesday Addams?


  6. shyanne, Thank you! You are so sweet!

    magdala you are so right and I am going to edit that! uugghh I hate it when the brain doesn't work! And I hope showing my picture will help your cause in getting your hair dyed.

  7. Heh. I looked them up and actually used them today myself. Thanks for feeding me brain food! I am hoping the picture will help, I'll know something this weekend!


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