Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Life Update.....

Okay so I have been in denial all week that how I was feeling was just allergy problems. I think I do have the start of a cold. I have stepped up taking more Airborne and tonight I am giving into cold medicine that I hope will help me sleep.

The last 2 days were a flurry of flour and sugar...

I baked and baked and baked and baked....and well you get the picture. I made 3 different kind of cookies...some double batches. And 3 different kinds of candy - again some several batches. I have 6 goodies tins to make up and so I needed quite a bit. One was a package though and that had to be mailed out today to get there in time for their get-together so that is why there was a rush of flour and sugar the last 2 days. We were going to be going there in person -so thought I would have a little more time - but that is not possible now. Though it does make it possible for us to attend another Christmas party where I will be able to wear a new fushia silk blouse that Master bought me. I would love to wear it with my boots but I don't think I have a skirt that would match both the boots and the blouse. And it probably is not practical to wear my boots to this party. But maybe I can on Christmas Eve for Master as he loves those boots!

I got a wonderful surprise today! One of my oldest friends called me up just to chat. Her and I met in Junior High...and have remained friends through the years. And I am glad we have. She stopped to get a starbucks while talking to me....peppermint mocha....oh that sounded so good. I think I might have to beg Daddy and see if we can get one while out doing some shopping on Friday night. My friend who knows of my lifestyle but does not quite understand it fully. She asked me what it means to be owned. And I actually was a little taken-a-back by the question. I haven't had to answer that one in a long while. Plus it is just so who I am almost feels like this intangible thing that I can't be describe because it just -is-. I did a very basic definition using Master/slave and such but I don't think I still adequately described it. So it is something for me to ponder and come up with what I do really think being owned means.

I could have told her what I thought being owned was before I was owned -- but now it is so different and so just part of who I am that it just doesn't quite need that definition for me. But again I would love to explain it more to her then I did today.

Not much else to report just busy preparing for the holidays....I have quite a bit more to get done this week and then next week hopefully I will be able to chill out before the big holiday. Yes, I am knocking on wood and crossing my fingers as I think that.

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  1. oh I have a massive amount of baking and candy making to do next week.... so I'm TRYING to take it easy this week....
    I'm also trying to not eat anything this week so I can feast on cookie dough next week haaaa

    aren't old friends nice? my very best friend is a girl I met in kindergarten!! :)


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