Sunday, December 18, 2005

Winter Count - June

June....unfortunately June is the start of the summer and my summer was horrible. I had one thing after another go wrong. Luckily my fall has went much better then the summer. The start of June though we had a nice little trip over to Denver and on the way there and back we took TONS of pictures.

We stopped at an exit that is for rafters to unload. There were not really that many out when we went to Denver but on the way back there were a lot. Okay so the I said it was kind of quiet on our way there. And here next to a trash can were this pair of shoes. They looked like some one put them there so neatly. It was the first time I had really used Master's old camera - but I ended up taking about 12 pictures of these shoes. I got down low, I stood over them...I zoomed, I zoomed was fun but kind of silly that I took so many pictures of these forgotten shoes.

These are 2 more picture taken by Master....that I really liked.

When he stopped to take this one, he opened the door and we were up in the mountains and it is obviously towards sunset - well it was darn cold! And it is summer. So he was out there freezing and I was in the car singing to the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack...staying warm!

Another that I liked...and again it was cold and I stayed in the warm car while Master was in the cold snapping away.


  1. Those shoes are so cute and the mountain pictures are GORGEOUS!

  2. I love the picture of the sneakers. It's so akin to your pastime of people watching. :) Just look at them and they tell a story... They're obviously someone's favorite sneakers. The laces, you can tell have been replaced as they are no where near as worn as the toe of the sneakers, and they are laced so perfectly.

  3. Thanks JeN! I am giving one of the prints of the mountains to my Dad for Christmas!

    Chelle, YOU are SO RIGHT! Thank you for getting me! :) They do tell a story and I do remember doing that when I looked at them...and pointed them out to Master...I was wondering why they were there so neat and who they belonged to and why would they leave them. And so on and so forth. I need to drop you line as I was wondering if you got my offline message.


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