Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Holiday Magic & Spirit

I was thinking about my holiday spirit today as I put Christmas presents away. I don't feel like I ever really got into the holiday spirit this year. Everything felt very rushed. I didn't get to slow down and just enjoy the magic...the joy of it. I didn't get to enjoy the giving of gifts. I gave gifts but everything I gave - felt like I let the other person down. I just didn't feel like I got anyone's present right this year...which is just I am sure my insecurities at work more then the truth of the matter. I felt like some quiet moments were not fully realized. And then I feel I am probably just being ungrateful because I did really enjoyed having time with Master. I loved that we were able to have time together - I just wanted more. And I have to say as far as the gifts I got...this year was one of the best...I have never been so spoiled. I do feel that I didn't get Master enough as he spoiled me and I wish I could have been able to do the same with him.

So now that we are actually in the 12 days of Christmas I told myself I am going to try to enjoy some quiet moments in front the tree enjoying it's sparkle. I am going to reflect and try to create some romance and cozy times for Master and I until it is time to take the tree down. Maybe we will have some holiday magic and spirit to come in these 12 days of Christmas.

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