Sunday, December 25, 2005


Our day was very very fact I actually slept a lot! I think the month finally caught up with me plus I am having a horrible time with allergies. So we ate, watched movies and took naps all day long!

Daddy and I watched Polar Express and we both loved it! I got my dollies out to watch with us! It was so much fun! And then tonight we watched Bourne Supremacy. It was a DVD Christmas - we got Bourne Surpremacy, Tipping the Velvet (fanning myself), Meet Joe Black, Serenity and the Firefly TV series box set.

I got loads of presents....Master spoiled his girl - spoiled spoiled spoiled spoiled! I am a very lucky girl. I got everything from domestic things: cookie cooling racks, new kitchen utensils, pie shields, measuring spoon (one of those all in one spoons) and tea. To art things: Rubber stamps, teeny tiny tags and brads. To books and movies: I got Paulo Coehlo's book The Zahir...that I started reading right away as I love his books so much! I also got Nick Bantock's book Urgent 2nd Class that I have been wanting for a while too. And then the movies I already listed.

My family also spoiled me as they seem to always. I got the coolest trivet - I found a picture of online. A calendar (that Daddy got me too)called ArtPlay that has great collages in it, a gift certificate and journal from my sisters. One of my sisters wrote in journal combine that with the card and of course I was tears. It was one of those hallmark moments!

Master's parents also really hit home with a wonderful present....they bought me 2 Christmas bears that are just so great! They look like old-time bears jointed and just their features are more old fashioned. I haven't bought a Christmas bear in several years and the last one I received is very cute and is under the tree currently- it was given to me by Bill and Lisa. I can still hear Bill teasing me about the bear's name...the bear is a boy and I named him Crissy. Bill didn't think that was a good boy name! I knew a boy named Crissy...not that bear is named after him. Anyway, the bears that Master's parents bought me are beautiful and I told Daddy that I think that I will need to be on the look out for a bench for them to sit on together under the tree.

I try to at Christmas time do some reflecting on where my life is and how grateful I am for everything in it....and this year was no different. Nothing earth shattering uncovered....just that I am very happy to be with Master and be his girl. I hope that our 2006 is even better then 2005.

Well I better wrap this up...Master and I are heading out into the crowds tomorrow morning! We need Christmas wrap and that kind of stuff. Plus I saw a fantastic Christmas platter I want to see if they still had it - now at 50% off though of course. Yes, we are insane for going out!

I hope everyone had a VERY Merry Christmas!

Awarded a Best of Holidailies 2005.


  1. Glad to hear you had a good christmas, danae. :)

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