Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Winter Count - September

On Labor Day something came up that caused us to make a quick trip over to Denver for one night. We left on Labor Day so the traffic in the high country was pretty bad -- everyone making their way from the mountains back into the city. But the trip also showed us a town that we usually just zip by very unaware of...we weren't able to stop on the way there but said that we did need to check it out sometime.

On the way back we stopped in the little little town. Everything seemed to be closed after the long weekend. The town almost looks like a ghost town...things are run down, worn and some building abandoned. Master was taking loads of pictures and particularly of this little shop... it was a bakery. After taking many pictures he called me over to look at something he had been taking pictures of...

If you look on the metal box it says "Fresh Bread." And that is what is inside it. When they are closed they put bread in this metal box. It done on the honor system. They have a price list and a jar to insert payment. Their breads are made of all natural ingredients....all the wheat is milled right in their bakery. They have cinnamon raisin, Italian herb and olive loaf, honey oat, tomato basil, asiago cheese bread and so many more. We ended up buying 2 loaves...and they are so good. We now try to make a point to stop and actually have been there when they are open...the not only sell the bread but huge brownies, lemon bars, cinnamon rolls, cookies and so on. Everything looks incredible and everything we have tried tastes wonderful.

(explaination of winter count)

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