Friday, December 09, 2005

Holiday Gifts

I am making gifts this year so here is some of the ideas/things I am making....

Art Related...

  • notecards - I noticed now you can get blank cards with envelopes at Walmart - a 50 pack for about $6. I am doing packs of notecards with collages on the front. I am doing them in packs of 4 and 8
  • calendar - a piece of cardstock and cut them in half for the base. Calendar part could be done with a computer but handing making them....drawing lines and then using rubbers stamps for the numbers. That part would be on the bottom half of the cut piece of cardstock and then the top half is a collage. Bind it all together with a metal clip - you know those binder
    clips that are black with the silver metal pieces you push to open it up...the metal part is where someone can hang it off a tack or nail.
  • magnet poetry sets - I blogged about those the other day. Basically typing up words and then printing them off and sticking them to self adhesive magnetic sheets. You can also buy magnetic sheets that are for the printer --- so you could print directly to them. I like this idea being specialized to the person - such as my sister is a history buff and so I could make a poetry set that is all about history.
  • magnets - just doing a little collage and sticking magnets on it
  • book-markers - just collaging them and some without a tassel and others will have a tassel of yarn or beaded tassels
  • journals - taking those mead journals (got them for 50 cents a piece at target) and and painted and collaged the cover (inside and outside covers) On the inside collage I am putting ribbon under the collage so that the journal can be tied shut.
  • mini notebooks - collaged the front cover
  • picture frames - picked up frames at the dollar store --they have flat wider frame. Collaging the frame and including photographs of us in them.
  • mix cds with collaged covers - took the aol free cd and used the fold out card pockets they fit in as a template to make covers for the mix cds. Doing collages to go along with the cd

  • Food/Goodies...

  • baking and putting into tins
  • jar mixes - here is a site that has all sorts of ideas for them.
  • basket stuffed with goodies - take a basket and make it specialized for the person...if they like coffee do some sample packets of coffee, maybe some chocolate covered spoon and a pretty package of napkins. Or get assorted teas and coffees. Do one with one of the jar mixes of cinnamon pancake mix and a bottle of syrup and a little jar preserves. Make one that has some little notecards in it...a couple of votive candles and maybe a Godiva chocolate bar. Or a paperback book or a few magazines, a bottle of bubble bath and a candle. For baskets it is endless possibilities.

    1. girlie, do you have pictures of any of the things you've done? I'm having trouble seeing the calendar in my head.

    2. I actually use those clips to hang my calander now, hehe. For your gift baskets just a thought, the 'one-spot' at Target is great for that. The stuff only costs a dollar and it is already in several themes: bath stuff, baking stuff, character stuff, etc. I know last year I spent 20 dollars and had gifts for 5 people and they loved them.

    3. A) wish i were on your Christmas list! LOL
      B) That's a much nicer thing to do with those DAMN binder clips than a certain former Master of mine used to use them for!!

      Merry Christmas to you both

    4. nuala girlie...I left you an offline message about that. :) And I saw you got it....Thank you for your compliments. You are the bestest!

      I love love love the one spot at Target! Master always indulges me to make sure we go through there when we go to Target.

      Gina, A) Thanks! :) B) OUCH yes much nicer thing to do with them...I have had them used in sadistic ways on me also. Merry Christmas to you and your family!


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