Friday, December 16, 2005

Winter Count - April

April....that is really when I decided to pursue my art on a more regular basis. What inspired me was a thing called ATC's. Starting small and knowing I could explore different techniques on a small scale made me more comfortable with starting back up again...after surpressing that side me for so long. Master was totally encouraging and I appreciate all his support during this exploration.

So here for my April Winter Count is some ATC's I made in April....

Purple Postage - I did a series of the postage ATC's....I did purple, blue, yellow, pink, and orange.

Western SL - I used to do a lot of beading and so I incorporate beads into my work quite a bit. I really like the colors, textures and flow to this card.

The Little Princess (2) - I did a few ATC's with little Princess quotes on them...though this one was one of my favorites. Because I often dream of odd things too.

Unconstructed - This ATC is similar to a style that I enjoy doing on a larger scale. I have done a few with this style of ripping paper and painting combined.


  1. I love these!! you do such beautiful work!!

    I think I like the princess one best :)


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