Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Life Update....

Well I had a long post on the color red...and firefox crashed on me. I have been for the last few days having problems with firefox. This is the first time it has been crashing since I started using it over a year I guess I should not be complaining. I just wish it would not have been in the middle of a long post. So I am not a happy camper right now. I was up until 3am last night and then been going all day so it just feels like it is not worth it to recreate at the moment. Maybe tomorrow.

So what else should I post about.....

Today I went shopping for the rest of Master's stocking stuffers and then also a gift for a friend of ours. It was an odd experience being out and about without Master but I have to say I enjoyed it. Not that I want the freedom to do those things. But that I take great appreciation and gratitude for those moments of freedom. I was able to just window shop and look at all the pretties.

After Master picked me up at the mall he and I went and got kitty cat prezzies, then to the liquor store (drinking a nice glass of wine right now) and then out to dinner. We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant. I think we felt as though we were rolling out there because we ate so much...but it was so good that we couldn't stop eating it!

When Master and I arrived home, there were 5 packages sitting our porch! Two boxes that Master ordered for me for Christmas. Two boxes that I ordered for Master for Christmas. And one box from Master's parents. One of my boxes was pretty big and when I opened it...there were 2 little things and yards and yards of those air-filled-bags. Then the other little box was stuffed full of presents....did not make sense to me.

Tomorrow I will be cleaning, wrapping presents and then we still have to go to the grocery we will do that tomorrow night. And also go drop off presents and goodie trays to friends and neighbors.

I am looking forward to bed!

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