Tuesday, January 05, 2010

From 2009 to 2010

Happy New Year! It is hard to believe it is in 2010. Usually I am one to really self-examine the outgoing year but I am not feeling like it at the moment. I have been so busy since Thanksgiving that I didn't get to do most of the things I do for the holidays so I am feeling kind of off entering the new year. 2009 of course had many good things but it was a hard year because of health and economy. I know 2010 will be better. And glad it is here.

I started rereading Eat Pray Love just before Christmas and am taking my time with it....savoring it. It is what I need right now - it has been my solace during this busy time. And also for ringing in the New Year.

Christmas was at Master's parents. It was a nice day with family. I didn't get to bake as much so my tray was smaller for Christmas day. But one thing I set out that I also made as gifts this year was a hit...."Gourmet" Popcorn....I made butterscotch, chocolate peanut and then a zesty popcorn mix with pretzels. And with all of them I have had really good feedback on such as "you can make more of that for me anytime."

For gifts this year I made bath fizzies, bath soaks, bath cookies (that looked like real cookies), hand-stamped kitchen towels and then the gourmet popcorn (all of which I will posting about over on domestic in the next few months). And as always treat trays. This year at an after Christmas sale at Target, I got quite a few melamine Christmas plates so that I can give treats on them next year.

Not much else to say....just busy working on a website.

I hope everyone has a 2010 full of good health and love and of course kinky sex!

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