Friday, September 03, 2010

Control of Emotions

From an old Daily OM:

"As we analyze what lies at the root of our emotions, we can regain control over our moods and live each day in a more conscious, participatory fashion. The intensity of our feelings can be paralyzing, and their impact upon our choices and preferences astounding. Their power lies in their mysteriousness, however. Thus, when we seek to uncover the origin of our emotions, we strip them of their ability to interfere with our actions and reactions. The greater our understanding of ourselves, the more control we have over how we address challenging or unexpected circumstances. We can then look to reality for guidance and to our emotions for release. As you search your soul for answers today, you come to understand that you control your feelings."

I try to not let my emotions interfere with my service as Master's slave. It is hard. Sometimes I can do it and many times I can't. I am a very emotional person. I am lead by emotions so often the emotions control how(not if or when just how) I do whatever Master has told me to do. And yes I don't always like to do what he wants or says. I always do what Master says but I don't always do it with...well grace. So I really this Daily Om is something I should read often so that maybe I can understand how to control my emotions - because again as I have said often - really when it comes down to it I want to serve Master so the emotion is a reaction to the moment but not really what I want at my core. So if I could control the emotions to match what I want - that would be great.

Is it possible? Has anyone been able to do this?


  1. *shakes head* not me-i think I'm finally past the "if" and still battling the "when" but I believe the "when" delay is tied to inability to understand my own self. If you find a way to conquer this I certainly hope you write about it! :)

  2. Emotional control has always been a struggle with me. It is maybe unreachable goal for me since I have bipolar. But with great focus on it I have at least gotten to the point where I do not take my meds anymore and am better about expressing negitive emotions... well mostly I still have the occasional tantrum and have to be humbled back into my place:) But I would like to think that it ia a posible goal for most people. Good luck if you find any good tips be sure to share, I am always looking for new methods.

  3. Interesting post. I love Daily OM. I have been able to not let feelings (which are mostly reactions triggered by what I perceive) to overwhelm me if I've been able to understand where they come from, and realize they are at times old records playing. What I perceive, is many times not what the other person's how I filter it through my reality. The more you know what pushes your buttons, and know your self...the less power those things will have. They are now in the light...and not controlling you from behind a curtain. :)


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