Monday, August 08, 2011

Can't Breath

I have been sick...well struggling with my asthma. I am almost at 3 weeks of not being able to breath and it really has got me down. A couple weekends ago we were suppose to go and be with some friends moving to the area. Help them paint and just hang out and talk but with my asthma we couldn't. And then this past Friday there was a munch that we couldn't go to. There are quite a lot of smokers and my asthma was really raging out of control so I knew I couldn't handle it. And it turned out to be the biggest munch that our area has had so far so really bummed we missed it.

Because I can't breath - I don't have a lot of energy and I just can't do a lot without causing more breathing problems. So things I had under control have slipped out of control the house. It was clean and I was finally maintaining it pretty good and then I got sick and now I can't keep up.

I have several obligations I have fallen behind on - one being Domestic Servitude blog. I have several posts started - some I just needed to do some photos and don't have the energy. It is very frustrating so I have gotten down. I have had several days of melt downs which of course doesn't help my asthma. Being upset just exasperates it more of course so that doesn't help me but I just get so down about not being able to do anything. Master of course has been great and understanding. He has gone out of his way to help me in anyway he can. Even to the point of thinking of getting me a nebulizer to have here at home.

It is so funny - I didn't have to use my inhaler for over 2 years. And then this spring allergies started up and I needed it. I was shocked. I had to have my doctor call in a new one as all mine were expired. This inhaler has a counter on it and I am now down to 95 puffs left it started with just under 200. So in just a few months I have used it that much. But I have used it the most in the last few weeks. I am using it anywhere from 4 to 6 times a day - everyday. I have a doctors appointment coming up so see if there is anything else I can be doing. But still seems allergy related so not sure there is much they can do for me.

I just hope whatever is causing it to rage out of control goes away and things get back to normal. I just can't live this way. It sucks even more since I finally had gotten so many other things more under control - like having less migraines and my sciatica not causing me hardly any pain and able to walk normally. I want to be able to have those good days back.


  1. Dealing with health issues that affect servitude can be really depressing. I wish you well and hope you reach a recovery point soon. Be good to yourself! :)

  2. Just wondering if you have tried some allergy medication as well as the asthma medication that way you are combating both things at once, it may help.

  3. negeena, thank you for the comment. Yes I am using both allergy meds along with my inhalers. But still not really touching it. I started with a new doctor last week and he started me on some new meds but it didn't do anything to improve so had follow up yesterday and he started me on new stuff. So we will just keep trying until we find a solution...I guess. I hope we find something soon though.

  4. Hopefully the new stuff has some effect.

    nageena's asthma plays up every now and then, she should probably get an inhaler for those days but they happen so seldom. she usually takes one of her allergy tablets and that helps for a little while, at least until the feeling passes.

    Wouldn't know what to do if it continued for as long as yours has. Hope that you start feeling better soon.


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