Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Excited about Poly

Master started talking to a woman on an online social network.   He hadn't told me about her at first because of meeting her on a site where we are known by our vanilla friends/family so put her in the vanilla column. He needs M/s in his life so being with someone who won't be his slave isn't an option for him.  But he was flirting with her and enjoying her company still. So eventually they admitted feelings for each other and Master went for it - he outed us. She didn't get scared off - which is what he figured would happen. She was actually intrigued. 

You know there is a mental list I have of things I view as poly-minded. So far not  many people we have met check things off that list - even though they say they are poly-minded. But this woman did right away. It was amazing to me someone who knew nothing BDSM and Poly was really coming into it with more acceptance and understanding of everything then some people who say they are kinky or poly. 

Anyway - she and I started exchanging emails and really get along. It thrilled me because the first time in this journey - I really felt comfortable and like wow this person feels right. It just feels different with her. 

Now I am totally realistic that we haven't met face to face or had day to day interactions - and those  things make everything different. But all this is more positive then it has been before.   I look forward to getting to know her face to face too.  We have started planning for a visit - either us to her or her to us.  The first moment of talking about a visit - made me so excited. Like bouncy excited - I can't wait to meet her, hang out with her,  and get to know her even better. 

I just wanted to get all that out as I have been excited about it.


  1. A promising beginning... I wish you all well.

    hugs, swan

  2. How exciting. And I can relate-situation sounds similar to ours, except I would be the new person stepping into an existing BDSM/Poly relationship. It can and does work.
    I wish you all the best.


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