Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bah Humbug

 Well I am feeling a little bah humbug this year. I just haven't gotten into it.  Usually the the house is all decorated by now and I am full on making gifts and baking. But the only things done right now are the tree is up and have almost got all the holiday cards done.

I actually did enjoy doing the letter as it was more info graphic type look to it instead of a straight letter of what we did in 2012. But really that is the only holiday thing I have done so for and usually I am more together and on it.

Last year we were rushed so I didn't get to do the usual Christmas stuff so I really should be enjoying the time I have this year doing it, but I am not.  It might be that I am just kind of tired though too....just feel like all of our autumn since we had a trip in September has made me behind and tired. I keep trying to catch up, but don't feel I ever really get there.

On top of that last week Master had the flu - and it was his birthday. So I just was very busy taking care of him. He really was sick and it worried me a lot, but he is finally starting to feel a little better.  We have to go out of town the end of this week for work so I am hoping he is feeling up to it.

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