Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Incredible Escape

We are out of town for the week but I wanted to do a quick update of our overnight escape we went on last week.

It was fabulous! We had such a great time.

After we loaded the car to get started on our journey, Master had me take off my skirt. Master has a tight fetish where he likes pantyhose and tights. He likes things that are shiny and cling to the body. So I rode all the way to our destination with a sweater and then just tights. Oh and a collar and leash that he periodically would tug on. Our drive there was beautiful. When we got to the town we were staying Master showed me some of the sights before we headed to our hotel room. Then we had a picnic on the bed and the rest of the night was lots of fun....with sex and playing.

Master was in a sadistic mood where he just wanted tears. So he kept doing these surprise slaps on me that were the kind that would knock me off my feet. He had me standing with my wrists cuffed behind my back. And he was punching me and just hurting me in general and then all of sudden would bring his hand back slap these hard slaps that would send me tumbling back into the wall. It was quite delicious.

One round of playing for the night was rope bondage. I love the hemp rope that some friends gave us. So I was in heaven. It isn't Master's favorite thing so I was happy he indulged me.

So even just for one night it was quite a wonderful time. We needed that time to just escape and unplug from the business/work.

Our drive back was even more incredible. I truly give thanks to the Universe for creating such beauty. Colorado just doesn't do ugly. Every place we got is beautiful and just often takes my breath away with the greatness of the mountains and beauty.

We actually hope to do one more overnighter before the end of the year. We have still some points to use from hotel rewards. So I am crossing my fingers we find the time as I am sure it will be just as incredible.

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