Wednesday, December 09, 2009

don't go out alone + life update

I don't go anywhere without Master. Now I didn't think most of our vanilla friends really knew that or understood it. I guess I didn't think it was so obvious or so apparent. But something happened that kind of brought home to me that they do notice/know....I was walking out of the post office towards the parked car with Master waiting for me. A friend of ours was coming down the street towards me. He immediately looked for where Master was...knew he must be parked near. And then when we neared he said, "I was going to grab you and see how long it took M to get here but then noticed he was closer then I thought."

I know it is a small thing that probably most wouldn't even notice but I noticed it. I noticed how he looked around for Master and the exchange about grabbing me. He obviously knew I don't go anywhere without Master. And I guess I just didn't know that people were aware of it.

Little update also...
I have been really busy with Thanksgiving, Master's parents were here last weekend and now this week we leave to go to the other side of the state. When we get back I am behind I will be swamped as I am so behind on holiday preparations - getting cards out, presents done and mailed. Our tree isn't even up and won't be until probably Sunday or Monday. That is really late for us.

I am trying to keep Domestic Servitude updated with some holiday gift ideas, recipes and such too.

So as always - making excuses why I am not here posting more. And as always I wish I could as I do miss it often.


  1. I very rarely go anywhere with my Master. I don't feel comfortable without him. If I do go without him, I'm usually with another member of our kinky community that he knows and trusts with me.

    That whole "grab you" thing sounded creepy but I guess he was just kidding?

  2. For some reason I am not getting my comments in my inbox anymore! grrrr

    He was just kidding and he is really a big teddy bear so sweet to me. He is one of the few people here that doesn't seem to look at me "not working" as odd. Or at least he doesn't treat me that way - he might think it as his wife has a very intense job where she is very dedicated and works a lot of hours.

    So he didn't mean it to be creepy. And actually from him - it was kind of a turn on thinking being grabbed by him as he is one of the few men friends we have that is attractive to me.


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