Thursday, July 01, 2010

"Can I move in this weekend?"

Master went on a business trip the beginning of May. But right before he left he had chatted with a girl who wanted to move in. Now I don't know lots of details such as if he messaged her or how he became talking to her but I do know he had only talked to her once and she was asking to move in.

I often think do I live in a reality where someone really thinks that is possible? That we are really going to let a person we don't know except for one online chat conversation, move in? And why on earth would she want to move in with people she doesn't know anything about?

But then I do remember when lived in the poly household....

I was really sick...sick to the point that my doctor said if I had waited one more day to come in - I could have been dead. I was in bed groggy and out of it because I was on pain killers and the door opened - my dominant at that time wanted me to talk on the phone to someone he had been talking to. So I talked to her and she is very nice. Towards the end of the conversation she says, "I just can't wait to meet you tomorrow. I know you are sick so I will be able to take care of you." I was stunned. I had just heard that he had chatted with this person a few times the day before. He hadn't even expressed that she was a real interest just that he was chatting with someone new. And then I find out she is moving in the next day and I find it out from HER not HIM. So here I am sick as a dog and the house was a huge mess because I had been so sick for so long.... and now we had someone new moving in with her teenage daughter into our 2 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment. Yeah I was really excited about that...


Thankfully I ended up liking her a lot. You know there is always some problems in relationships - so ours wasn't any different. But for big picture - we cared about each other and got along.

So back to the present....
Okay so this girl who lives several hours away, wants to move in this weekend. Her Master and his wife decided they don't want to do the lifestyle anymore so she needs to move out. So this girl asked Master to make her his slave and move her in the next weekend.

Master came in after his conversation with him - straight faced to tell me he was moving in a slave. He did it to see the look on my face. I knew he was kidding because he wouldn't ever move in someone he didn't know and more importantly I didn't know but I still made the face - like you got to be out of your mind if you think that is going to happen. Yep I have those thoughts. Master couldn't believe she was asking either.

Master checked on her a few weeks later just to see if she found anyone that would do that because he was curious. And she ended up moving in with a former Master.

But Master will still at time just tell me hey I am going to be pick up that slave now - just to get me going. He loves ramping me up on these topics that just annoy me just to see my feathers get ruffled.


  1. Sigh. I feel like a lot of newer, or younger, subs or slaves just think that everything will work out perfectly, like a romance novel with an S&M twist. They do silly things like want to move in with a new Master in one conversation, because they just KNOW he's going to be the perfect master she's always sought and his current slaves will be her bery bestest friendses.

    Good job to your master for saying NO. I feel for the girl, but sheesh. Btw, I found you through the Best Sub Blogs on SubGuide, so congrats!

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