Thursday, December 16, 2010

Favorite Client

A repost of 5/25/09 post:
So I watched a movie this afternoon while doing other things and it made me think of one of my favorite clients.

For those of you that don't know...I was an escort. Yes, it was sex. And yes I enjoyed it.

There was a whole community - just like the BDSM community - there was a sex industry community. We had forums, parties, socializing and such. There was a man that kind of rallied the community. And he did interviews and a "date" with the escorts and then after he would basically write up a review along with the interview and post it to the escort forums. When he would do this the girl would get a lot of good advertising. Well this man did one of me with a little bit of a BDSM twist. I was out about my BDSM interests but it was also known I didn't really engage in it unless I got to know the person really well. And even then I really was selective. I did some rough sex type of things and light spanking but that was about it.

So after the interview I got quite a few gentlemen that would see me several times and then mention the BDSM and their interest in it. Some from the bottom and others from the top. I had one gentleman that talked about the interview in his initial email to me...and that was usual as they usually were to shy to bring it up. He had a reference for me and he gave me all of his info that I required and so I checked him out and set a date.

Our first date he showed up at my hotel room with a couple of diet cokes and said he wanted to talk first. Again not something that was really a usual thing. So we sat down and he proceeded to tell me he wanted something specific and that if I could provide it he would be seeing me very regularly.

He was an older man...almost 70. He wasn't from the states although he had lived here a very long time but still had his accent. Oh so nice...shiver! He told me that he hadn't really been able to find the type of date he wanted from anyone. Basically he didn't want to talk. He said his wife, his girlfriends over the years and the escorts he hired all wanted to talk before, during and after and he just wanted to come in get down to business and have fun without talking and all the emotional things women do. He said he liked noise or talking dirty during sex but he didn't want to talk before or after. He also liked it a bit rougher. I felt very comfortable with him. And after a little more conversation about what he wanted I told him that I felt I could provide him with what he needed. And then we had some fun before he left.

After that all other dates went to no talking. And so this was a typical date with him...

I would be dressed in something slutty sexy....often thigh highs, heels, and some type of lingerie. Occasionally he would ask that I greet him in just thigh highs and heels or a special type of outfit/costume (such as a school girl). He would show up and I would open the door and not say hello or anything. I just open the door and let him come in. He would take care of business - pay. Ad then he would undress and put a condom on - all without saying anything to me. After he was done he would come to me, grab me and kiss me...usually while pull off lingerie (at least panties or bottoms). And then it was straight to sex....often a blow job to start. He would push me to my knees and then move to sex - vaginal or anal. He was often rough he would dig his fingers into my breasts and ass. And at times do some spanking. He would talk dirty too. After he had an orgasm, he would lay there for a few minutes, then get up, clean up, get dressed and then say good bye. And that was it. I always got follow up emails from him telling me that I did great and he had a great time. And I am glad he did that as it would probably make me wonder if he had not had a good time. And that submissive part in me does like to please!

So for some randomness about him...

* Wow, wow, wow, he knew what to do sexually. I usually orgasmed with him multiple times during our appointment. Not only with sex (which is a very rare occasion) but with just the little bit of spanking and digging his fingers into me. He combined it in just the right way to send me over always.
* He was the first older man I was with that liked to role play Daddy/little girl. He liked it when I dressed as a school girl. He would say I was a naughty girl while we were having sex and I always knew that was my only time to talk. I never thought with someone just random - no emotional connection - I would be able to get off on doing that type of thing but I was able too. Plus again he was older then me and all of my Daddy/little girl experiences had been with men only slightly older or slightly younger then me so this felt umm much hotter in a way for me. And I never expected that because of my past.
* He was the first uncut guy I had been with and also the largest man I had been with. He was a short man - he was maybe an inch or two shorter then I. He would get undressed, have wrinkly skin from age and then expose this big smooth uncut cock all hard and ready to go. And it just always amazed me to look at him...this little man that looked like a sweet innocent Grandpa and here just moments after he undressed he would be fucking me and making me moan with pleasure.
* He turned me he looked - naked even more of a turn on, how we didn't talk except during sex, how he fucked me, how he spanked and dug his fingers into was all very hot for me and I always looked forward to our appointments.


  1. danae, I recently linked one of your essays, on Online Vs Real time, to a bdsm site I sometimes frequent. The content of the essay has been completely discounted due to the people of that communiy deciding your words have little value as the discount your life as one of being utter abuse worsened by you having an abusive Master, they condem what you do as not D/s but mere abuse, I wanted you or anyone else to perhaps make comment. the link

  2. I created a link to your essay about Online Vs real time, on a site I frequent, because I found it mirrored my own experience and thought I'd share it, However since posting it persons at the site denouce anything you may have on your site as abuse, refering to bot you and you Masters blog as evidence of abuse, I disageed, I thought at the very least I should at least share the link with you and allow you the chance to comment

  3. Enjoyed your story very much. That the age difference doesn't seem to an issue for you gives me hope. - Paul


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