Thursday, December 23, 2010


This is will be a list of life...

* Master hand wrote me a love letter last weekend. I feel very blessed to be owned by such an amazing man. We really get the mushy romantic times and the fun sick SM too. It is having our caking and eating it too! yay us!

* I have been having a rough Christmas season. My Christmas spirit has been lost. But I know that is normal after such a hard year of loss.

* But finally last night I started to get into it. Excited. I went through the motions for weeks - doing baking, making just a few things, getting the house decorated but it wasn't until baking one final batch of cookies that I started singing with the holiday music and smelling the aroma of warm cookies baking that I started to feel excited about the holidays.

* Master and I are going to go look at lights tonight - one of our favorite holiday traditions. We grab starbucks and then drive around looking at lights. We got a little preview the other night that was good but also funny. There were 2 houses with lots of lights and the the house before it only had a few lights in the window but as we were going past it I noticed the lights were shaped into an arrow and a word above the arrow. I couldn't make the word out. You know those optical illusion posters - I never see it. And that is how I felt trying to figure out the word so I pointed it out to Master. He figured it out - it had an arrow pointing to the 2 festive houses with the word DITTO above it.

* Someone left a comment yesterday and then deleted their comment. They linked me to a thread about me. It was the usual things I have heard before and won't give it anymore time then I just did by reading the thread. But I would love to chat with the person that left me the comment. Please feel free to email me at

* Not sure if you have noticed yet but I have reposted a few older posts. I am basically reposting some of my favorites. And I am going to continue to do that through 2011.

* It is one of my good friends from Ohio's birthday today so sending her birthday love! I love you Moni and hope you have a beautiful day celebrating YOU!

Wishing you and yours holidays filled with joy and love!

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  1. Good to know about you and master don't sad about Christmas i hope your next Christmas will be very happy and beautiful..


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