Monday, September 05, 2011

Meeting a Friend

Master and I recently took a trip for his work. We had the extreme pleasure to meet someone I have known online for a long time. She is someone I have long been inspired by and admired her for domestic skills and dedication to service. Katie is a contributor to Domestic Servitude blog and has a tumblr - Daily Submission.

It was such a wonderful evening! Katie has been one of these people on my mental list of people I wanted to meet and just never thought I would. I mean I never thought I would get to her area. When I found out that we were going, I asked Master right away if it was okay if I contacted Katie about getting together and meeting. He said yes. He loves meeting lifestyles people - especially Master/slave couples as it is a rare occasion when we meet people with such similar paths.

Although I love meeting people especially that I have known for such a long time online - I still have social anxiety issues. So just calling and talking to her to set up times when we arrived in her area - I was so nervous. But at the same time I was so excited about meeting her.

Katie made us dinner and she is a hostess. She loves cooking for people and having them enjoy it. And we DID ENJOY dinner! OH my goodness - so so good! We had things from their garden. She made a cherry tart for dinner that was OUTSTANDING! I am wanting a piece right NOW please? :) It was that good. Katie sent us home with a basket of homemade goodies. She is just so thoughtful! Such a wonderful hostess.

We had such a wonderful time with her and her Master. We laughed and talked about everything from lifestyle things to politics and just had great conversations. I got a tour of her garden and home and it just was everything I imagined when I think of her. I loved it! Loved seeing her in this place that makes her so happy - it is so lovely! She is a beautiful person - just so lovely. I am so grateful that we got to meet and talk face to face. And I hope that maybe I can come back with Master again. It is people like her and her Master that make us miss being around lifestyle people of like mind. We loved being able to just be ourselves and not having to watch our words/conversation. It was nice being around people who understand our path also and don't judge it and walk a similar path too.

Katie has some writings on the Domestic Servitude blog. I don't think I have everything tagged with her label yet as I just started going back to label her posts. The Dandelion Massage Oil recipe is one of the things she gave us in the basket.

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  1. You know that Master and I loved every second of having you both visit. I miss you like crazy, though. It was as if I just got a small taste of you and I'm left hungering for more.


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