Friday, April 26, 2013

Traveling Girl

Glenwood Canyon
I have been feeling off for a bit because we have been traveling SO MUCH!  Last weekend in February, the  first weekend in March and then every other week until last week - we have been out of town.  I feel like we have been living out a suitcase. Honestly we come home I do laundry and then just leave the suitcase out instead of stowing it away because I know it will be out again soon.

We have had some really good times though in our times out.  One trip, I was able to meet up with an old friend I met on LJ almost 10 years ago.  In the same trip we met a new lifestyle friend and she was just so nice to meet.  

Master and I have had poetry dates out while traveling, taken LOTS of photos and just had time to enjoy each others company.  It is one of the things I love about traveling - road trips give you so much amazing time to talk and be together without distractions. Master and I have these conversations that are fun, serious, deep and complex, light and easy and just full of us.  It is fantastic so I really enjoy that time and cherish it. 

I have had some quality time doing art.  Not a lot of course since we have been out of town a lot, but some pieces that really mean something to me. 
Master did have some health problems, but he is mending. I am having some health problems too, but the same ones that have been going on for years.  My sciatica really kicked into high gear when we got home from our last trip.  I do have an appointment coming up with my Doctor about my sciatica so hopefully things will get better on that end soon.  

But overall - life is good. Master is busy with his business. We have a lot of great things in our life and I am really completely grateful for this life we are living.

Rainbow in Idaho

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