Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Slave Inferior?

I am Master's slave and property. This means we don't have an equal relationship. It means we aren't peers. We are Master and slave - Owner and property.  It does mean I am subordinate to him - in a lower rank in our hierarchical relationship.  

Does that mean I am inferior?  I can answer this logically and say no but sometimes emotionally things get skewed for me where I am not sure I could answer that no. I believe Master is smarter and stronger than I.  It doesn't mean I can't be strong. It doesn't mean I don't have knowledge that he has found useful because I am a capable adult woman with a variety of skills that he loves to utilize.  

I will say Master does utilize humiliation and degradation as a way to make me feel inferior.  Not as way to show me my place. But more as it just rocks our socks off.  It is a fetish and it turns us on so we stomp around in those areas.  I love what it does to my head and body.  I am not really enjoying it while it is going on - mentally and emotionally - I fight against it. But physically while it goes on - I am SOAKING wet. I am so turned on - my skin is one big raw nerve.  After it is done and we are basking in the glow of having an amazing fuck fest then that glow spreads to mentally and emotionally. I love that I walk over those coals with him and just end up accepting it.  Often for days to weeks after, I will replay it over and over and over just to get off again. 

Really many things that happen in our relationship, I believe many would think Master treats me as inferior. Maybe he does, but it is my normal view of our relationship so maybe I am just skewed in what is inferior. I like our relationship and how it works and flows that really is all that matters. 


  1. It's nice to see someone confirming that things don't have to be so cut and dry. Even though you're emotionally confused a bit, you still have a pretty good grasp on the idea that even though you're your Master's subordinate, that doesn't make you less of a human. I personally had difficulty with that starting out as well.

  2. I am new to the lifestyle and it is hard for me and my master to live the life style the way we want because we have roommates that are not in the lifestyle my master is not new to the lifestyle but never lived with anyone before any ideas how to get around the roommates and have our lifestyle the way we want 24/7 and not just in our room


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