Monday, July 30, 2007


I need to do a disclaimer: Now I am one of those people that believes size doesn't matter. I have been with many men and I feel it is really what is done what makes good sex. I have had really incredible sex with all different sized men.

Okay so....this weekend I have been wickedly aroused. I used to have this jelly dildo that was pink with silver sparkles in it (similar color to the one at the bottom of the page). It was I think about 8 1/2 inches long and a little over 2 inches wide but it got wider at the base. When I moved here, we didn't play with many of my sex toys. So it sat in a bag with a some other toys - a vibrator that had jelly interchangeable sleeves, a little water proof vibe that was jelly on the outside with a hard inside base. And then some anal beads and maybe a few other plugs and vibes. I like sex toys.

Anyway the toys sat in a bag and last year or maybe it was the year before - I was cleaning a plastic bin out and found the toys. Ewww! Jelly toys don't like to 1) be next to other jelly toys 2) don't like to sit around and not be used. It ended up that most were sticky and almost kind of melted into each other. And that is known to happen with jelly toys. (Blowfish kind of talks about that midway down the page.) So all of them go thrown out.

I do have to say though I MISS my pink sparkly buddy. And this weekend as aroused as I was...I just had visions of that dildo pounding into me. POUNDING. Fucked hard with it. I remember it...what it felt like and it was just different then sex for me. It just felt more wanton for me. And I can't explain it - it is a freakin toy. But having it used on me made me incredibly slutty and whorish.

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