Monday, July 16, 2007

Positive Monday + a little update

5 Good Things in my Life...
1) We are HOME! We had a great trip but it is nice to be home! (got home last night)
2) We had great TRIP!
3) We got a lot accomplished today - unpacked, went to run errands, grocery shopping and such.
4) West Wing....Master and I watched 3 episodes tonight and they are just so good! great writing, directing, acting...fantastic show. (watched: What Kind of Day Has It Been the last episode of season 1 and then In the Shadow of Two Gunmen Part 1 and 2 the first 2 episodes of season 2)
5) Chocolate milk! I had been craving it so Master bought me some and it tastes so good!

As I said above today we accomplished a lot so it was a busy day. My body is hurting tonight so I took some naproxen and some airborne as I am hoping I am not coming down with anything but just think I am crashing. On top of crashing I am also starting to pms also. Master recognized it right away this morning as I was in tears in the car as it was seeming like nothing was going smoothly this morning. So joy oh joy!

We had our internet go down today so didn't really get a chance to catch up on my favorite reads so hopefully a little bit tomorrow. If there is anything major that anyone wants to fill me in on please feel free.

I am still reading the Anita Blake series. I am reading Narcissus in Chains right now because I have come this far so I need to keep going in the series. Although I have read them all up to Blue Moon more then once some more then 3 or 4 times. I started The Mermaid's Chair while at Master's parents. My Mom had it and was done with it and I had told her I had a friend that read it but couldn't remember the review she gave it. My Mom said she enjoyed it and so when I went to go pack it was sitting on top of my suitcase. So I started it but decided to keep going with the Anita Blake series instead. I am really worried that The Mermaid's Chair might depress me with turning 40 in the fall. And people that have read the book might not understand why....I just got that feeling from reading the back of the book and the first chapter. Maybe I am wrong.

I know it is early but I think I will go read a little before going to sleep....because I just feel so achy and drained.


  1. Welcome home! It is so good to see you again. I feel like you've been gone forever :-)

    hugs, swan

  2. Thank you! I really need to catch up on your blog - better then I have...I have had a few chances to skim but I need to read things more in depth as I so enjoy your words!



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