Monday, January 21, 2008

Eternity Collar

Do you have one? Like it? The sizing...did you get it a size bigger then your neck? Is it comfortable to sleep in? Wear everyday? Allergy issues? Where did you get it? Anything else you would think someone should know before buying one?

Master is really interested in one for me. But we are a little worried about allergy issues and sizing to make it comfortable for wearing 24/7.

These are the 2 places he has looked so far....
Eternity Collars
House of Collars


  1. I've worn mine (from eternity collars) since june of last year. Its slightly bigger than my neck so it sits just on the shoulders more than tightly round my neck and it is comfortable that way and i can easily get a finger between my neck and it, which makes it easy for him too to grab hold of it if he wishes.

    Most are stainless steel so unless you're allergic to that then you should be fine. Comfort wise it doesnt affect sleep in fact i suppose sometimes aids it as its a nice feeling for it to be there.

    I thought people would notice i was wearing a necklace that was screwed on, but people are pretty unobservant to that level of detail, besides my hair covers the fastenings, if you have short hair it might be more noticeable though.

    Hope you find one that suits you both.


  2. To dovetail into thisgirl's comment, i have short hair, and only once has anyone said anything about "that very modern necklace."

    There's only set sizing, though, so we got the closest size bigger than my neck (smaller would be a bad idea, it seems.) i wear mine constantly, everywhere, even in the Texas summer it didn't really bother me, which is huge: i couldn't wear any collars at all because the nickel (rhodium?) in the plating caused a serious reaction in my skin. Even now, i can't wear the D-ring for the eternity collar because i break out so badly (even if i just wear to a party). After a day, all i felt was the weight, not even the unbending shape. The weight is comfort, really.

    mine only came off for surgery.
    there are fabric covers for them, i've heard, if the metal is too much for your skin.

    ours (mine and emmie's) were got through eternity collars. They came super fast. Within a week, i seem to think.

    There is a shop on ebay that does all-stainless kinky stuff (i have a chainmaille collar from them, and a groovy bracelet that's neoprene and stainless chainmaille). I can look them up if you're interested.

    love, mitda

  3. He got mine off of ebay. He found this great blacksmith that makes them. Mine has his birthstone in the front and a special lock. it's smooth all the way around and flat. I love it. It fits beautifully. We went with a half inch bigger than my neck size. These are not meant to rest on your shoulders!


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