Thursday, January 17, 2008


Some people get all up in arms about the posting of what they call "fluff" (music, youtube, links and memes) to blogs they read.

I started this journal to help me be true to myself and just flesh out what was going on in my life. Seeing it in words on the world wide web helped me not lie to myself. It is place just to share my life and experiences of course too -- it is a blog. So it is place that whatever in the moment I feel like writing or sharing - is what gets posted. But the main thing is it is something about me and that I responded to in a way that I want to write and share.

So I write about my life but I also share links, quotes, lyrics, music, memes because this blog is about me and the things I post - I responded too...I enjoyed it or couldn't stand it. It touched me in some way so I am sharing. So ultimately it is about me so if you see a youtube video on my blog -- and you can't stand when people post them by all means skip. But please know I am just not posting it to make sure I made a post because I haven't posted in a while or just to get readers or anything of the sort. I am posting it because it means something to me.

The same goes with memes. Recently there was a Christmas meme that I did and a dear friend responded that she loves when I answered things like it. I replied she was in the minority as I always hear about how people hate memes. I went back to read the meme after her comment...maybe see what she saw in it...and really it did tell a lot about me. I shared little stories of Christmas' past, I shared my likes and dislikes of Christmas. I enjoyed reminiscing over some memories it stirred up. I answered questions I might not have thought about before. The meme...told a lot about me. And this blog is about all the varying degrees.

There is a blogger I read that posts mostly pictures but at times posts these really personal, insightful, beautiful posts. And sure I would like it they posted more of the personal writings then just photos but that doesn't make that they are only posting fluff. By seeing the photos they post -- I am in fact learning something about them. I see what gets them going, where their head is that day, and they share something with me that I maybe wouldn't have seen if it weren't for that post so for me it isn't just fluff.

If it is all fluff to you, then skip it by all means but I do want to thank the people that see something more. Oh and beware the next post will probably be a meme!

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