Tuesday, April 29, 2008


From an older Daily OM Horoscope that I saved....
"Choosing not to compete with the people in your life allows you to live up to your standards without worrying about theirs. When you measure your achievements against other people’s accomplishments, it is easy to become defensive because there will always be someone who has accomplished more. Eschewing competition means you can narrow your focus and concentrate entirely on getting ahead rather than being distracted by the need to outdo someone else. Your aims will reflect your inner values and what you truly want out of life. The challenges you face will be ones you set for yourself, and no one else’s success will cause you to doubt yourself or your capabilities. Choose not to compete today, and you will be able to take greater pride in your accomplishments."

I am not really a competitive person but I fall into comparing myself with others. I get so hung up on what others have accomplished I end up setting myself up to fail or miss all the ways I do serve Master that are wonderful accomplishments.

I heard a little story about a zen master watching an archery competition and one competitor was really concentrating on winning. But he was doing very badly and someone asked the zen master why the person was doing badly and he said "his need to win drains him of power." That focusing on winning is putting energy to the future instead of just putting his energy into the now and just doing the competition.

And it can be similar to that I am so busy looking at others and what they are doing that I fail to live now - my life and/or miss all that great things we are doing in my relationship right now.

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