Tuesday, April 01, 2008

March Q&A: sex, sm and toys

Do you like anal sex? Oh yes!

Name something sexually you would like to do that you haven't. Name some SM play you would like to do that you haven't. Name something you have done in a while that you would like to again SM play and sexually.

sexually - vaginally fisted...I am not sure if there is anything else. It reminded me of a list I did in 2002 and I saw a few things actually I could mark done now.

SM - There are quite a few things that I am not sure are things I really want done or just fantasy. Such as...having cigarettes put out on my breasts...I don't like smoke...allergic to it. But it is something I have thought about before. Otherwise I am not sure I can think of anything - realistic. Maybe suspension.

Not done in a long time - wax play. Wax play just has no appeal to Master. Also...head to toe rope bondage.

Do you have a toy in your "wish list" right now?

a toy...just one? :) Okay how about a few?

* Hemp Rope from Twisted Monk - We have a bit but I would like more.
* clover clamps
* total covered hood - like this one on the right side - the Total Control Hood or this one but it scares me a little bit too.
* BIG silicone dildo

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