Monday, April 24, 2006

The Letter P

Comment, and I shall give you a letter. Go back to your journal, and write ten words beginning with that letter, including an explanation what the word means to you and why.

K over on LJ gave me the letter "P" - Thank you Vanna!

1. Purple - Well purple is my favorite color. Even when I was little girl purple was my favorite color.

2. Princess - Princess is associated with being little girl and letting that side of me out. Daddy loves his Princess and I love him. I have several things that say princess on it that Daddy bought me that are so pretty and cute!

3. Postcards - I love post cards from all over the world. I recently joined a group that I am now sending and receiving posts cards to/from all over the world and it has been so much fun. I have wanted to make postcards - collage type but never done them before...only watercolor postcards. So I am going to try to do that some time soon.

4. Pink Fluffy Dessert - Because I am doing the letter P tonight I am thinking of dessert. It is basically gelatin dissolved half the hot water it calls for on the package and then 2 blocks of low-fat or fat-free cream cheese mixed in and then folding in a cup to a cup and half of fat free cool whip. I don't really measure this out just make it. It is creamy and just his the spot tonight as I have a bit of a sore throat.

5. Paint - well I am an artist and I do mixed media which often includes paint. Right now the majority of the acrylic paint I am using is from Dick Blick.

6. Pain - well yes it is true....I know this will come as shock but I do enjoy a little pain now and then. I have been into pain for a very long time and it ranges from light pain to heavy SM.

7. Photographs - Master's photographs as I think they are beautiful and make me feel good when looking at them. We have many hanging up around the house and I always enjoy seenig them through out my day.

8. Pre-raphaelites - I enjoy many the art works from this period.

9. Project Runway - It is an obsession and I can't wait until the next season starts(which I don't think will be until December!)

10. Paper dolls - I loved them as a little girl and still do! I remember my Grandma would buy me a new booklet of them every time I would visit. We would cut them out together (most Grandma cutting them and me playing). Then she would play with them with me. I had so many of them but unfortunately the were made into moldy mush during a flood.


  1. I'd like a letter for Myself and butterfly please

    butterfly's Master

  2. (butterfly's Master's alter ego, posting at Mistress's request)

    fucktoy would like a letter too.


    Her fucktoy

  3. Okay I think I am getting this straight...3 letters right...

    butterfly's Master - B
    butterfly - H
    fucktoy - L

  4. Could I please have a letter?

    Btw, how have your migraines been doing lately? Are they any better since we last talked about those evil headaches? :-)

  5. Oh this looks fun! May I have a letter please? :)

  6. yes, danae, that's correct.

    sorry for the confusion.

    fucktoy blames Mistress *grin*

  7. Meg, I give you the letter K. My migraines go up and down. I will be have just a few low level ones and then all of sudden I will have a weeks worth of bad ones. I actually hadn't had a really bad one - the ones that scare me actually because the pain is so intense - for almost 2 months. But ironically I do have a pretty bad on today. I tried to talk to my doctor about them recently and it didn't go well at all. But I will be talking to her again about them. Thank you for asking!

  8. Taylor, I am going to give you maybe a harder letter...but I know you are creative enough to make it your letter is W.

  9. Sure. :-) I'm sorry to hear that your talk with your Dr. didn't go well. Thanks for the letter.

  10. Hi Danae
    I have been a lurker for sometime and I have been reading about your migraines and I don't know how you cope? Have you thought about exploring the natural therapies area? I have had great successful with Homeopathic medicine and it turned me from a sceptic to a big fan after my chronic sinus headaches were cured. My doctor wanted to operate but a friend recommended trying a homeopath. On the first visit you talk about everything in your life because they believe that 90% of all illness is caused by the mind. They would look at your migraines as a symptom of something else and not the problem. I hated my job and it was being expressed by my body through pain. I have also had success with acupuncture. Good luck in finding relief wherever you can.

  11. can I please have a letter, danae??
    Thank you!

  12. kaylie, thank you for the comment! I actually did talk about homopathic remedies with a doctor once upon a time and of course was told that wouldn't work even though he wasn't able to help me with the drugs he subscribed either. It is something that I might want to look into. I do know that some of my migraines though are due to hormones and I really want my current doctor to look into that for me. But so far she hasn't been a big help and I believe she thinks it isn "in my mind" too. I agree that illness can start with the mind but I also believe chemically the body isn't doing something right to and so that is why I get them also. Again thank you for your comment and advice! I do appreciate always advice on handling the migraines as they are something that I live with way to much.

  13. Oh padme of course you can have letter...T

    I hope to be able to catch up with your journal this week as I haven't had much time for my blog reads lately! So I do hope all is going okay with you! *hugs*

  14. ooooo, silly Master. didn't tell me we had letters. tsk tsk.

    thank you


  15. Hi danae,
    Thanks for the letter. I just did the meme a few minutes ago. T is a great letter. I could think of many things for it. :)
    Things are good with me. Hope you had a good weekend.

  16. :) I remember those paper dolls, I would get one a year from my Grandma, thankyou for bringing back that memorie..:)

  17. Oh have you postcards from Australia, if not email me...


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