Thursday, April 13, 2006

Lots of Random Bits

Dentist - Well I haven't been posting much this week because I had dental work done this week that was pretty intensive *for me* and so I haven't been feeling well. I just been in pain and not able to stand doing much for any length of time.

Art - I actually broke my artist block this past weekend and so have been creating. Yay!

Mail Love - I have quite a few bits of mail love that needs to go out and I got a piece from one of my lovely friends. The card was so pretty I am going to hang it up as inspiration for art but eventually it might be cut and used in a piece as it has some beautiful butterflies on it and if anyone has seen my art before -- I have a thing for butterflies. Flight, reborn, color, delicate and strong...and so on...there are just so many wonderful qualities.

Food - Daddy made me pancakes last night as it was soft for my mouth and you would have thought I was having an orgasm with just one bit. After eating jello and ice cream for almost 24 hours - really having more solid food was so incredible I almost could have had an orgasm (with permission of course - *grin*). I love this recipe that we use for pancake - they taste so delish!

M/s Moment - Today a friend was talking about an trip she will be having with her Sir. In the things she mentioned it made me recall a moment within our M/s dynamic with Master that I thought I would share....

Master and I went to get my stuff in Ohio several months after I moved here. We went through the boxes and such as Master didn't want me to bring anything that I didn't need or want - or let me rephrase that...what He didn't need or want. So, we got to a Ohio and started to go through things - one thing was a big rubber maid storage container full of purses. And Master told me that I didn't those. Now I have a thing for Him telling me I can't have my purses made my eyes go wide and my lip start to go out...pouting. I looked at Him like he had to be kidding...right?? No, He wasn't kidding. He said that I don't own anything and so I didn't need a purse. I don't carry a purse with Master at all and it has been that way from day one - when I first visited Him - He took my purse and put it and all my clothes and personal away. I had to ask for everything and most of the time I wasn't granted it. Back on I explained to Him reasons I might need a purse and He then allowed me 3 purses from the whole bin of them! Oh my gawd! It was so hard to choose.

Now saying all that I didn't cry or get mad....I got turned on when He did that. I got so wet and turned on....silly me! Weird how that happens. Again just a little moment that...doesn't mean much in the wide scope of things but it is something I know I will never forget.

Easter, Art and Parents - We don't' have anything planned for Easter as we really don't celebrate it. Even though I love Easter candy! Jelly Beans! YUM!

My Mom asked us what we were doing and I said probably nothing - I forgot it was Easter - and we really don't celebrate it. She just didn't say anything. I am sure she was thinking her daughter is going to hell. I actually had a pretty horrible conversation with her the last time I spoke and I am trying to not let the negativity get to me. I don't have many conversations with her that get to me - at least not in a very long time. I told her I might start setting up an ebay and esty site to sell my art and a normal response would be --- "That is great" or "good for you" and my Mom just said "Oh" with that slight tentativeness in her voice to say, "well you won't sell anything" A few other comments - made it for a highly negative conversation although I am sure she never got that I was upset as I try not to tell her know that anymore or she just pushes the subject more to try to justify her point and makes it 10 times worse.

I guess I will finish up working on the website things I am changing and adding and then call it a night as my mouth is hurting a lot tonight.

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