Friday, April 07, 2006

Plans Foiled Again....

Plans did not work out again tonight....I got a migraine and so was having a horrible day that caused lot of other things to be off. Master feels like He is coming down with something so He just wanted to go to bed shortly after coming home. I understand of course...I am am not allowing myself to have one of those moments where I say - "see I can't even plan one special night for Master" and do the whole pity party thing. I logically see where my migraine would have been flared up more with the activities planned and I logically see that Master should get rest if He is coming down with something. So it will happen when it can happen.

Tonight I worked on some website stuff, researched new microwaves as ours started smoking today - no kidding. I was melting chocolate chips in the microwave to make a Chocolate Buttermilk Pie and a smell started coming from the microwave and I thought I was burning the chocolate I opened the door and smoke.....coming from inside the microwave but not the bowl of chips. So I thought maybe some food was stuck somewhere and that was smoking so I wiped the whole inside down and tried again. No go - more smoke. Master said we would go out and look for them this weekend as it is something I use! I steam most of our veggies in the microwave. So it gets used daily.

I discovered a new product - new to me old to the market - powdered buttermilk. I made buttermilk biscuits this week that I think will be my standard recipe. And I made Chocolate Buttermilk Pie too and both turned out really good with the powdered buttermilk. I am thinking of making whole-wheat buttermilk pancakes and a side of turkey sausage for breakfast in the morning.

I have something else I started to write about tonight but realized I should ask Master's permission. So that will have to wait.

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