Saturday, April 08, 2006

More Answers to the Q&A Meme

from kaya:
1. Would you unkink yourself if you could? nope

2. What aspect of D/s is your favorite? serving

3. What aspect would you leave out if you could? wow at the beginning I would have loved that I didn't have expectations. But I think I have a much better handle on that. I wish I could leave out burn-out from juggling everything.

4. Do you like housework?
for the most part I do :)

5. Do you drink coffee? no but tea

6. What was your favorite grade or class in school? 12th grade was my favorite...I didn't really like school so getting out of school was good. I liked learning but I guess I just feel I learn differently then the schools taught. 12th grade though did bring some bad things such as Don but also brought my ex-husband and although we are divorced I will never regret being with him.

From tulsa:
1. Have you ever had and enjoyed vanilla sex? yes many times and yes I do enjoy it too. I like that tender touching sex...where 2 people feel as one. That can happen in rough sex too - the feeling as one. But I like it when it happens in tender vanilla sex too.

2. How often do you get to be a little girl? for me often what happens is that the inner little girl in me comes out on and off through out the week. I have lots of residual issue from a past Daddy/little girl relationship that I still battle with so although I let her come out in little ways we don't actually stay in Daddy/little playtime for very long. We have done it a few times but as I said I still have residual issues and so it is hard for me to let that part out for longer periods. Luckily Daddy is very patient and loving so it helps me feel safe when letting that side out.

3. What's your favorite outfit? LOL I have my period right now so what is coming to mind is all comfort clothing - cuddleduds/long johns, sueded cotton hoodie, soft t-shirt and red wool socks. If I didn't have my period right now I probably would have said my black swing skirt, black satin camisole and pale pink cardigan with beautiful rhinestone buttons (each different), tights and mary janes!

4. Your favorite dessert to make? oh hard one for me as I LOVE to bake! For the ease of it my Mom's Chocolate Chip cake that is so moist and delicious. For the elegance...cream puffs filled with homemade chocolate filling and then drizzle chocolate ganache over them...with a little blob of whip cream and maybe some berries to make it look even more pretty.

5. What's your favorite seasoning? actually grill mate or grill creations for chicken is one of my favorites because it has everything in it...garlic, pepper, salt, red pepper, and so on. Next would be basil - I use basil a lot.

6. When/how did you come to your current spirituality? I was raised Lutheran and I still do have some Christian based beliefs. I think it was after reading the Celestine Prophecy (in 1995? 96?) that my spirituality started to change. I started to see that a lot of religions has similar underlying beliefs. And so I started researching other religions. When I came to Buddhism it seemed to speak to me more then any other. I had a friend once tell me I have a cafeteria type religion -where I pick and chose what I like and throw the rest out. He looked down on that but I don't and it really is true. I have gone down the line and found things that I like, feel right to me, and work for me -- so I take them and utilize them in my spirituality.

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  1. "I have my period right now so what is coming to mind is all comfort clothing"

    Oh, I know that feeling very well!
    I really like when you do these Q&A things. I find them very interesting and it's neat to get to know just a little bit more about the wonderful person that is you.


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