Monday, April 17, 2006

Pat Califia

Catching up on LiveJournal this morning and several friends plus Patrick's LJ had a message I wanted to pass on....

Patrick Califia had a heart attack. It sounds like from things I have read that they sent him home because he has no health insurance.

For those of you that don't know who he is...Patrick has been an activist for sexual and gender freedom for a very a long time. An activist for those who are queer, trans, and kinky. Put his name into amazon and I am sure it will pull up several books by him. Put his name in wikipedia and it will give you more info on him also.

I remember seeing him while waiting for an elevator at Thunder the first year I went and Master thought I had seen a rock star. I was trying to be quietly excited that I had just stood next to Patrick Califia! I know I am a silly girl. But if you have read his books you probably understand my excitement.

A friend of Patrick's posted on Patricks's lj and in his own lj asking for cards, good thoughts and anything people wish to give to Pat to help him through this difficult time. Info for paypal is on those entries also.

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