Saturday, April 08, 2006

Some Answers to Q&A Meme

There is another Meme going around LiveJournal that I posted with the 6 question meme so the first set of questions deal with that.....

LJ friend asked:
1- Friends - Longest held friend? that would be Kerrie. I moved around a lot until 5th grade and I actually met Kerrie in Jr. High. We are still friends today and I am very happy that we have remained that way.

2- Sex -Are you multi orgasmic? yeppers

3- Music -First and last concert? Adam Ant and last actually was ages and ages ago even though I like concerts....Fiona Apple

4- Drugs - Anything you think should be legal? Not that it is a drug but prostitution

5- Love - Do you believe is Destiny? yes and no. I believe the universe shows me where it wants me to go - sometimes multiple times but I have free will to go there or not. It tries to guide me but sometimes I am too caught up in other things to see it.

6- LiveJournal -Do you read on LiveJournal everyday or just sometimes? everyday but I have to say I skim lots if there have been a ton of posts.

7- Porn -Favorite type of porn, that really gets yah juicy? well first it is mostly of bondage though are the ones that really turn me on. Written word - erotica usually doesn't do it for me. It used to but not anymore.

From my friend Jess:

who do you wish lived closer to you? HARD question Jess! Okay I would love to met lots people from LJ/blogsphere and so being closer in geography would be nice. And Jess is one of those people! People I know....well my parents (but not too close), Moni, and nuala. There is a couple that lives outside of Denver that are in the lifestyle that Master and I adore - V& s. When we all get together we always say that we wished we lived closer together.

do you and Master ever have really vanilla sex? no not really. Occasionally it is just a blowjob but Master always does some kind of roughness with it. It is never just tender vanilla sex.

is there ever a time where you just "d" and "m" and not "M" and "s"? No, but if you ever met us you will think we look like we are just M and D. We laugh, hold hands, we goof around....but we are also always M and s too. The dynamic is always there. People notice something but usually can't pinpoint what it is that is different.

1 comment:

  1. Have you ever had and enjoyed vanilla sex?
    How often do you get to be a little girl?
    What's your favorite oufit?
    Your favorite dessert to make?
    What's your favorite seasoning?
    When/how did you come to your current spirituality? (I'm sorry if this one is in the back entries).

    Hope you don't mind me joining in and throwing in some questions :)


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