Thursday, April 20, 2006

Bits & Pieces

Mail Love - Last Week I was having a really rough week with the dental appointment and the pain was just not going away and on Friday I got a pick me up that made me very grateful for the wonderful friends I have... blown away by the kindness. I got a package in the mail on Friday that was so wonderful - full of gifts to pamper a girl - bath beads, makeup, Godiva chocolate bar and more! Very Thankful to my kind friend!

BDSM Easter Eggs - Saturday evening of course was spent on the eggs. It was a lot of fun! I realized I maybe should have done captions on them but it was late when I put it up so I didn't think about it until the next day. Master and I made the props and then set the scene up on our dining room table on a piece of velvet. A friend of his suggested doing BDSM Easter eggs earlier in the day and so Master said that her and I are not longer allowed to play together because He ended up indulging his little girl by doing the eggs. Although I know he had fun....not that he will admit I am sure.

Links - Here is a cute 404 page a friend posted over on LiveJournal. Also if you have not seen the one Master did for our website please check it out it is very cute!

Recently several lists I am on have been having talks about transgender...and it has come up in conversations a lot also....Here is a video clip from Buck Angel. I like what he has to say. And damn he is sexy! *drool*

Friends - I don't have a lot of local friends and so I rely heavily on the friends I have made online. Last night I got a chance to chat with 4 lovely ladies all at once online and it was so nice. We laughed, and talked boys and girls and all sorts of fun stuff. I was just able to be me and not worry about what I was saying -- which happens lots with our local "vanilla" friends - worrying that I might say something that will give our lifestyle away. Anyway, it was a very nice time to just have some fun and relax into some good girl time. IT gave me back some much needed sanity!

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