Sunday, April 09, 2006

Whatever Happened to Everyday Life?

Someone left a comment on Master's blog that said he should write about BDSM stuff - "because that is the stuff worth writing about." When He told me about it I rolled my eyes and shook my head. Master wrote about it in his blog but I also wanted to make a few comments.

Master actually I don't think has ever wrote about BDSM things. Mastery, Dominance, everyday life and such but not graphic SM. And I am sure someone could say that about my blog as well...especially lately. We write about life....whatever comes out in the moment....everyday life - which can include M/s, SM, work, domestic things, family, friends and so on. Master has never written for anyone. He does not care if anyone even reads his blog or not. He writes for himself. And I think you can see that in how and what he writes about. Really I am the same way. I started my journal years and years ago before I met Master. For me it was a way to find myself...writing through all the emotions and chaos that was my life at the time. Putting it out on the web helped me be true to myself - because the thought of people reading - friends and strangers made me examine myself and the truth of my life. It was hard to deny life with it right there in text for anyone surfing in from the great world wide web. And over the years it really did help me - keep it real everyday. Now I am a much different person but it still helps me keep everything real - seeing my life there in text. Writing about anything and everything that life is....being a slave but also my art, my domestic responsibilities, my issues, my daily life...just life.

So my question is...why is BDSM worth writing about but not everyday life? I would like to know that. For me the bdsm stuff can stay would probably never bother me if I never wrote about anything SM ever again. Because I like that it is his and mine. Yes at times I am an exhibitionist and yes at times Master had told me to write so I do and yes sometimes a particular scene makes me giddy and I like to share it but I don't think it is the thing worth writing about. Every day little things happen that I want to remember. I would say most of us remember big things in our lives...and a lot of our sexual and SM encounters. Yes, I love SM and sex but that really isn't what makes our relationship. It is the everyday little things...that get is seeing Master enjoy something I have cooked for him, it is Master telling me a funny story that makes us both laugh, it is passing each other in the hall and getting that look...that we know the passion and love in each other. Our relationship that grows out of our daily life....all the big moments and little moments...moments of daily life....and that is what is worth writing about to me because it is our daily life that I treasure the most.


  1. I agree danae. I write about other stuff besides bdsm or sex. Sometimes just about a movie I have seen or tv shows I watch. Everyday stuff is cool! I love your blog and all you write about...

  2. swan & padme - thank you! *hugs*


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