Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Movie Night with the Parents

I have been pretty busy so lack of posting. I have about 4 posts started but just not finished because I haven't had the time or brain power when I do have the time. Master's parents were here for Labor Day so was busy being hostess.

Last night we decided to watch a movie. Oh it was the WRONG movie to be watching with Master's parents. Oh my! The first 2 minutes of it were pretty umm graphic and I had to wonder if we were watching X-rated movie. It is of 3 people (2 girls and 1 guy) kind of playing in the water. One girl is topless and the other had a bikini. It shows some grabbing and groping in the water. It then moves inside to a bed. And you see a man come to the window to take pictures...what is going on in the bed is reflecting off the window. It is OBVIOUS that one girl is going down on the other girl. I mean very obvious. Right after that scene is done and moving to the next....Master's Dad pipes up and said "well this is starting off slow."

The first 30 minutes involve a strip club so pasties and panties seemed to be the theme there. Then a brothel where all the girls were naked....well they were wearing garter belts and stockings. And in the brothel a man goes off with 2 women and it is a SM scene (man in cuffs, collar with a woman that looks like a dominatrix). Oh then a man and woman at a dinner party go off and have sex where she gets all the way naked except for wearing her high heels and the man is full dressed just unzipping his pants and bends her over a table. They don't show much of what goes on after she is bent over the table but again more naked women. The movie was the Bank Job by the way for those wanting to see it. It wasn't a great movie...it wasn't a horrible movie but it was a movie if we had known what it was like we would have said no to watching it with parents. Master's parents didn't seem embarrassed by it. Master's Mom even fell asleep during it -- although it was during the second half when there weren't as many tit shots or even sex. I joked with Master that after you have seen 13 sets of tits that 14th just puts you to sleep.

So just a tip for all of you out there...don't watch The Bank Job with your parents.


  1. Hi danae,
    I've seen the Bank Job and I can't imagine watching that with my parent's or in-laws. lol! :)
    Great post!

  2. LOL i haven't seen it yet but i'll make a mental note not to watch it with mom and pops.
    His mija

  3. That was too funny when you finally said what the movie was he he he... I'm thinking it probably would not be good to watch with our 15 year old son either :-)


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