Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I am here...

Just thought I would do a little update since I have been quiet lately....

Master and I have had colds. So been trying to nurse us back to health. Because I am sick I am extremely tired so not much energy for much besides work and stuff around the house.

We have a family member has been having serious health problems and rough time so we have been doing lots of phone calls, waiting and figuring out what is going on there. And will probably be spending a lot of time in Denver in December.

I dyed my hair - it was suppose to be purple but didn't come out that way. I mean if you pull a few strands out - they look purple but all together they look more dark...maybe more a red plum. But I will try it again - I am sure.

Master and I hope to get away over night next week to the same place we went November 2003. I am really looking forward to it. Not only is it incredibly beautiful - we had just a lot of fun last time and I know we will this time too.

November 2002 Master wrote me for the first time. So I have been kind of being nostalgic and remembering that recently. Very good memories.

Really not much else I can think of to write about - at least at this moment. I just don't have the energy. My cold making me extremely tired. I hope to get some energy to do a post of substance soon.

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