Sunday, November 30, 2003

A Wonderful Weekend!

I am not even sure where to start because this weekend has been just so incredible.

Master took me to Ouray, Colorado. It is not too far from us and it was a nice getaway for us.

Before we were able to leave for our getaway....we had to make a stop as I had a Christmas present to get for Master. He dropped me off and expected He would be circling the parking lot forever but I went the item and went to a 6 item or less check out. There was a person there getting her receipt as I walked up. I knew Master would be a little bit so I stood inside instead of getting waiting in the cold - because of course I had not bundled up in a scarf or gloves before we left. Soon I saw Master and we were on our way back home to load the car for our trip and do a few other things before we got on our way.

Master put me in a rope harness and then the big metal collar that locks. We loaded the car with a toy bag and our clothing for overnight...said good bye to the kitties and off we went.

As we started into the area the mountains were just so gorgeous. Each time Master brings me to a new place I think this is is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. And this has to have been was so gorgeous. Snow covered mountains, winding roads into a valley where the town was nestled. The town was snow covered with Christmas lights and quaint little shops. But it was also very quiet as it is off season for them and so things were closed up for the winter.

We arrived at our hotel. It was a nice place...the view was so beautiful. After moments of being in the room Master was having me strip for Him as He took pictures (and no...we don't send those pictures out - as I know I would have gotten at least one email if I had not put that in lol). Master got a little (meaning a lot) turned on after watching that and seeing His hard cock pushing up in His jeans of course was making me want His cock in me soooo much! So I begged for Him to fuck me....and well He obliged His girl *blushes* He took me from behind with the rope harness still on. It was very yummy!

So within 15 mins of being in Ouray we were having sex LOL

After we caught our breath, Master took the rope harness off me and the collar....we cleaned up and headed into town. We went into a really neat little store full of just so many unique odds-n-ends - beads, incense, woodcarvings, dreamcatchers, pottery, rattle snake skins, porcupine quills, polished stones, walking sticks and so much more. Master found several incense that He liked - and that thrilled me.

When Master and I were first together I told Him of my love of incense burning and He was not thrilled. He told me He did not like them. Short story long....after burning a few He decided He liked them. So we picked out some that we both liked. They are sitting in a plastic sack on the table in the dining room and when you walk into the hall to go down to the living room on the way to the dining room - you can smell them and they are not even being burnt yet. They are strong but not overpowering. They just smell so good.

After scoping out that store for quite some time (thank goodness Master shops like I do), we headed out to find something to eat. Master did a good description of dinner in His blogger as we had kind of a hard time finding a place as they were all closed for the season.

Right now with the holidays and then with all the financial things that we have had going on - my move here, Master's surgery and a few others things....we are not exactly "rolling" in money. This trip was done because we needed to take it before Dec. 31 because of the points on one of those hotel club cards Master holds. So when the only option for dinner was a steak house...I was regretting not further pressing that I could have brought dinner with us (as we had a microwave and fridge in our dinners). I have problems Master spending money on me for some reason....and it really does not seem to get easier.

But as we sat there...listening to Christmas the candle light....I just was so thankful to be having a nice romantic getaway with Master. It took my breath away just sitting there thinking about how happy I am with Master. Master is such an amazing man. So I sat there thankful that He found me and has given me the life I have searched for....for so long....I have a wonderful Master that I serve...that I am owned by....and that I love and adore. I am very grateful and fortunate.

After dinner, Master and I drove down the street a little way and went past a wonderful old building that had all the Christmas lights and wreathes on it. As we went past it we noticed on one side of the building there were these tall stained glass windows...with more windows above them. And in those windows we spotted a person sitting on a balcony playing a guitar. The room we were looking into was the main dining room. (mind you the pictures on that website do not do it justice as that was when they were doing the remodeling and now it is all finished and so gorgeous). The walls were painted a deep rich burgundy....they looked so spectacular even through the window. Master said one day we will have to go back and eat there. The building inspired Master to take pictures so He parked the car...leaving me there to stay warm....while off He went with camera and tripod to take pictures. While Master was off taking pictures I had little daydreams of coming back to Ouray several times....having many years of fond memories there.

The rest of the evening was hard and intense...leaving us to getting to bed late. We woke in the morning to some more playing before we headed to breakfast and then to check out. Before we headed out of town we stopped at a couple stores one being Ouray Glassworks and Pottery. It is owned by a couple. The husband is a glassblower. And his wife does pottery. We liked both the glass and the pottery featured in the store and ended up buying our first Christmas item together. It is a glass tumbler - that is a highball. It is done in red, white and green and we will use at either a candy dish or a candle holder. It is a really pretty piece of glass. And each year when we take out our Christmas decorations we will remember our getaway to Ouray and our first Christmas together. :)

We also went into a toy store. I was kind of curious to the reason we were....but as soon as we walked in Master made it clear why we were in the store. He asked the clerks as soon as we walked in if they had paperdolls. They really didn't, but they showed up some other items that were close. One being Mary Engelbreit's magnetic "paper" dolls. (which I have quite a few things of Mary Engelbreit's.) Each set had a magnet doll with then clothing. It had a little "scene" to use to play with along with the clothing and doll or the doll has a stand or can be used as a magnet. Daddy bought me the little girl doll named Sophie. She has short red hair and is very cute! I am sure I will enjoy playing with her! *smiles and blushes*

After heading out of Ouray Master told me we would drive through Telluride. And it was equally as beautiful. It was a cute little town where the speed limit throughout the whole town is 15 mph. The main street was lined with Gingerbread looking houses - the old Victorian houses - in assorted candy colors. Then on to all the shops....all looking very nice and well...expensive. We did not stop as we needed to head back and we knew it is someplace we will come back to. The scenery is so incredible.

It is so magical. Just starring off into the mountains climbing up around us puts me into a quiet peaceful state.

When we got home, we unloaded the car and then Master needed to go to work for a little bit. So although I was very tired and wanted to take a nap, I decided to be productive and unpacked, unloaded the dishwasher that I ran before we left and the got dressed in black satin panties, black satin bra and thigh highs. I thought it would be a nice surprise for Master. And He did enjoy it. :) We pretty much - jumped into bed - again :) Master put the gag harness on me and then Master fucked me before leaving me to take a little nap.

It was an amazing weekend. One I will never forget...

The time with Master was so wonderful....I can't even begin to describe the feelings that I associate with the whole weekend. I am truly amazed by the wonderful man I am with....and truly proud to be His girl.

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