Wednesday, November 26, 2003

The last few days have been really nice...

I am not sure I am going to explain this well...

But I am enjoying quality time with Master. When He has come home from lunch the last few days He has not turned the TV on, but instead sat and talked with me. And I enjoy it so much. Just Him and I spending time talking. He also the last few days has been more affectionate not only with touches, hugs and kisses but words. And it has made me feel so good.

I also have been pretty productive this week. Monday was very productive and got everything done on my list by the end of His lunch hour, so Master allowed me to be online all afternoon. Tuesday I woke up with a migraine - either premenstrual migraine or just lack of sleep as I had nightmares all night long and just had trouble getting back to sleep after them. But I still got almost everything done on my list for Tuesday. Today I was productive too. Master left a little early for work and I just started in and was almost all done with everything on my daily list - by 10:30am.

Master was able to get off work at 3pm today and so came to get me - because unfortunately we needed to do Thanksgiving Feast shopping. :( Well, as Master got close to home it started to snow. By the time were at Wal-Mart the snow was really coming down. When we walked into Wal-Mart from the parking lot, we were covered in snow!

It had not been snowing that hard or even snowing when most people went into Wal-Mart so when Master and I walked in were starred at and everyone was commenting on the snow. I saw people that did not have coats on - with kids that did not coats either and so I am sure they were really surprised to walk out in to the COLD WET SNOW!

Tonight I tried to make something new....Asiago Cream an Alfredo but with Asiago. I added chicken and served it over penne. I also made Brushetta. Master had never had it and when I described it - I know He was a little leery but He is really good about trying the new things I make. And He loved it. It did turn out pretty good except I think I did too much oil...the bread after sitting a little while got a little soggy. But still tasted really good. I love brushetta!

I have been doing a happy dance because Master is off for the next 4 days. :) I am looking forward to my time with Him!

Sunday night Master and I were watching some movies....The Transporter and Femme Fatale. The Transporter did not have very good acting or anything, but seeing a girl tied up and gagged with duct tape for a lot of the movie was kind of nice LOL :) The lead male in it was also pretty good looking. Then Femme Fatale was just weird lol I did not like that twist in it.

After the movies, we were sitting there and Master reached over and started slapping and punching my breasts and pinching my nipples over my moving to the sweater being pushed up and slapping and punching my bare breasts. He also was pinching and pulling my bare nipples - it felt like He was going to pull them right off.

We then moved to the bedroom where Master fucked me with the hood. On then afterwards He played with my breasts and cunt for a while...until I had several very intense orgasms.

We both slept very well. I zonked out until my 4am nightmare. But until then I slept soundly! :) It was just hard to get back to sleep.

I wished Monday morning that Master did not have to go to work. It is hard to have Him home all weekend and then see Him have to go to work - but I know it is a necessary evil. I was glad to see Him when He came home for lunch...but He made me wear the gold suit *icky* It is a very shiny gold bodysuit thing that fits snuggly around my body and I don't like it. But it made Him very happy...and that is GOOD :)

Last year at this time Master and I had just started chatting a week before...

I remember chatting with Him ALL day on Thanksgiving. It was so nice.

And this year I will be cooking Him a Thanksgiving Feast made with love for my wonderful Master. :)

I have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving! :)

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