Sunday, November 02, 2003


Well, I am sick. On Thursday evening when we got back from Denver, I had a severe asthma attack and I think what it did was made my lungs vulnerable to a virus or something, because I have been coughing and wheezing pretty much ever since. It is really odd because I have bronchitis feelings in my lungs but not all the symptoms for that or really anything. I am having my usual allergy symptoms. But I have heavy chest with labored breathing. Even though I have to say today's breathing is much easier. But during the day is always like that for me when I have had bronchitis in the past. I can breath and feel okay (not great but okay) during the day and then at night it hits me hard where I can't breath and I cough and ache more. That is what has happened the last 2 nights.

Anyway since I have been feeling blah and icky I haven't really been in the mode to think or write or do much of anything. I am just trying to rest and take it easy.

I have a ton of favorites and so for the past 2 days basicallly I have been going through them and organizing them.

It is hard when I am sick, because I don't feel like a "good" slave. I try to do as much as I can. I just am not able to do as much. My lungs just can't take it right now…simple tasks are wearing me out. Ugggh I hate that!

But of course I know that Master wants me to do what I need to get better. He really doesn't like it when I am sick. He worries about me…especially with the asthma. But I keep trying to assure Him I will be okay. It will just take time to get better.

Other then being sick, things here are pretty good. We are just kind of waiting things out to get back into our rituals and time for more play and sex. Even though that is a ways off yet….I always am Master's slave even in these times where I am pleasing and serving in very quiet servant ways.

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