Friday, November 21, 2003

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Saturday's Horoscope...

His...SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22–Dec 21): It’s your time of year! The Sun will be spending the next four weeks in your sign. It’s your astrological birthday month! This is the time for you to practice wishcraft. Don’t wait until your birthday to light candles and make a wish. Do it every day. But don’t waste your wishes by asking for more than you really need. Keep it in balance and your prayers will be answered.

mine...LIBRA (Sep 23–Oct 22): The intensity is heating up, but you have a detached outlook that can help you through this situation. Try not to get caught up in a battle that isn’t yours. On the other hand, if others are stepping on your values, you’ll probably want to defend your point of view. Just don’t blow things totally out of proportion.


Yesterday I was waiting for Master to get home. Dressed in Nude Control Top Pantyhose (something Master likes) and then a purple satin and lace nightie.

I was just looking at a catalog we get in the mail. It is a "discount healthcare" catalog (not sure how a counter top dishwasher is a healthcare item LOL). It is one of those likes Harriet Carter - that has lots of little things that will "enhance" your life - those can't live without them items LOL

Anyway, this one I always actually get a little titillated looking at because…well some of the things make me think of things that turn me on LOL They have some very ugly looking panties, bras and socks that make me think of Master. He likes that things like that would humiliate me because I think they are ugly and would never "want" to ever wear anything like it.

And then….there are other items that feed into my desires of wetting on myself….

One being plastic panties for a good price…there are other little items that play into too that they have…in that little catalog. *blushing*


I have this theory that I am not sure if I have written about here but have written in my private journal a couple times. It is being brought up again and now here because lately it is coming up again. The topic…women and high sex drives. Several friends online and real life have been talking about they have much higher sex drive then their male partners.

You always hear about after a man gets in a committed relationship that the sex disappears….and my theory is that it is the men who are not "putting out." It is the men…not being interested in sex with their partner anymore. I think men like the pursuit…the hunt and then after they got it...they might care and love the person they are with, but they are not interested in sex with that person anymore because they already hunted that partner.

So the women are there willing, but their male partner has had their sex drive with that female die down…unfortunately.

I am not saying this is a fact or true. It is just something that seems to be what I experience or seen happen a lot around me.


Hiijab (veil)

This is something I have never revealed before…

And am admitting it because of a journal I read…(she will know who she is -smiles-)

I did lots of research once upon a time about the Muslim faith - as I had someone I was interested in who was Muslim. But long before I did that research I had a fascination with the veiled women. I liked the idea of being hidden. There is a sacredness with the the rituals that I have with Master...and so wearing a veil would add to that sacredness. It seems graceful and quiet…that is not the word I want but I can't find the right word right now. The women stand out in the veil yet in a very quiet beautiful way. I like the idea of begin a wrapped up package that only my Master sees. I love the idea of modesty - covered, the femininity of my hair and make up taken away. But then I also like the idea of being slutty and dressing that way. So of course I have likes on both sides of my Libra scale.


Why do I like things from both ends of the scale.

I want to be this totally sexual being and I want to be denied.
I want to have friends and be social and I want be cut off.
I want to be treated like a princess and I want to be treated like nothing.
I want to dress sexy and I want to be veiled and covered.
I want humiliation and I want tenderness and understanding.
I want to soft kisses and a romantic night and I want to raped, beaten and used.
I want to pampered and I want to be on the floor eating out of a dog dish while covered in piss and cum.


Master has written about that He has a lot of sadistic thoughts but He is not sure about posting them...I think He should post them *smiles*

Tonight Master was in a bad mood when He came home...and it was understandable. We went out to get groceries and by the time we came home Master was in a better mood. I started to get I was undressed and He made me put my bra back on. He motioned for me to come to His side of the bed and I stood there while He just fondled my breasts. He liked the feel of the bra. Before I knew it....we were having sex. mmmmmmmmmmmmm :) Our groceries were not even put away yet....isn't that cool...just spontaneous yummy!

Okay going to finish watching What Not to Wear...and eating M&M's :)

Life is like a mirror. If you frown at it, it frowns back. If you smile at it, it returns the greeting. - Herbert Samuels

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