Sunday, November 23, 2003

First job: Babysitting and then first "real job" was at Valentino's Pizza Restaurant
First screen name: it had my "real" name and my ex-husbands name. The 2nd was Moonaura
First self-purchased album: The Kink's - Destroyer
First funeral: My Grandpa's when I was 17
First piercing/tattoo: I got my ears pierced when I was around 12
First credit card: JCPenny card
First true love: Morgan
First enemy: Uncle
First big trip: Moving from North Dakota to Texas - but I don't remember it at all I was less then 1 year
First concert: Adam Ant
First musician you remember hearing in your house: hmm I don't know about Mom and Dad both like music and played it lots. I do remember the Carpenters but I also remember Meatloaf...and so many others.

Last big car ride: I guess BIG car ride would be the one Master and I made to Ohio.
Last kiss: From Master :)
Last library book: hmm library book....I think Anthem by Ayn Rand many many many years ago - borrow or buy books so much more now then I used too
Last movie seen: Matrix Revolution
Last beverage drank: Diet Coke
Last food consumed: a cookie....but Master calls them Orgasm cookies because He feels they are that good. I think they are well good but not as good as an orgasm. I would rather have an orgasm over an orgasm cookie anyday...everday...all the time LOL
Last phone call: girlie called me Friday night :)
Last cd played: Ottmar Liebert
Last annoyance: well how I have been feeling this but the last was I burned some sausage for the pizza
Last soda drank: Diet Coke
Last ice cream eaten: vanilla cones from Micky D's
Last time scolded: I can't remember for sure but on our way into Sam's Friday night I said something very much with a smart ass attitude and Master said something about it...but it was more playful between us then scolding.
Last shirt worn: a blue long sleeve polo type shirt that is warm because it is COLD.
Last Web site visited: Vamp's Journal where I got this "fluff" as she called it. :)
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