Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Well, I have a long blog entry in the works but I have felt like crap today - putting it mildly so I have not had time to finish it.

I feel lately my blog entries have not had a lot of substance and really my private journal offline is the same. I am just not writing much of anything...

Part of the reason there is just not much new in my life going on externally. Internally I always have things going on and those things I am not sure why I have not written about more. And I guess I feel I need to start writing more. There are things there to be addressed...things floating around in this head and they should come out.

I feel balanced in my life even though things are not always jumping up and down happy I am very happy to be with Master. And I am very happy to have a life with Him as His property.

Horoscope for tomorrow...LIBRA (Sep 23–Oct 22): Even if you are a bit more excitable than you usually are, you also have a good sense of balance now. Sure, you Librans are always seeking balance, but you don’t always find it. Now, however, you are able to realize your goals. You may even feel lucky, but this is just because you believe that anything is possible. And it is.

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