Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Here is the results to The Fetish Quiz...that I got via Soulhuntre's Weblog

~ You have no preference for one sex or another. You tend to be submissive. This will impact the interpretation of your various sexual interests.

~ Clothing is an important part of your sexual fantasies. Materials like latex, vinyl, and leather probably excite you a great deal.

~ Possibly left over from your childhood experiences is your interest in spanking. You enjoy the feeling of being slapped, and the burning feeling afterwards. Spanking is not child's play to you. It holds a deep place in your fantasies.

~ You enjoy the feeling of being restrained during sex play ... being completely immobile and helpless is a turn on in a big way. You probably have quite a collection of bondage gear ready to use right now.

~ You enjoy being humiliated. The thought of humiliation strongly appeals to you, though you may not know why.

~ You enjoy the sensations of various toys on your body. Your interest in sensations can be light or it can get bloody hard -- literally. But you enjoy it all the same.

~ Anal stimulation is a strong source of interst for you. You enjoy the feeling of someone inserting an object into your rectum -- there are a wide variety of toys you fantasize about, ranging from butt plugs to enemas.

~ You become aroused when you reveal information about yourself, or perform a sex act in a public or semi-public setting.

~ Pretending to be a patient is your thing. You enjoy the thought of being examined. You are turned on by the snap of latex gloves, syringes, enemas, and the whole works. Medical play holds a strong interest for you

~ There are certain objects that possess a more-than-natural meaning for you. These may be everyday items, or more specialized sex-related items -- but the end result is the same: just having them around is enough to make you quite perky.

~ Strangers fascinate and interest you, and many of your fantasies either involve strangers or are in their presence. You secretly have a desire to have a sexual encounter with someone you don't know, and with whom you don't consent to have sex. The concept of unwilling partners turns you on. You tend to enjoy sexual activities in groups, such as threesomes or orgies.

~ You enjoy playing with gags. Specifically, being forced to wear one.

~ You enjoy urine play. This may include catheter play, or one of you urinating on the other according to your partner's wishes.

~ Some of your fantasies involve sexual acts with animals.

~ You may enjoy thoughts of your sexual partner inserting a hand or fist into your body.

~ What else can be said? You enjoy getting yourself off. Don't we all?

~ You enjoy your sexual partner regulating your breathing. You are turned on when you can not control this most basic human function.

Dominant (0%)
Submissive (100%)
Voyeurism (50%)
Clothing (50%)
Feet (0%)
Spanking (100%)
Bondage (100%)
Humiliation (86%)
Sensation (75%)
Anal (75%)
Exhibitionism (80%)
Sleep (43%)
Medical (57%)
Training (50%)
Food (0%)
Bodyfluids (57%)
Roleplaying (50%)
Oral (50%)
Objects (80%)
Strangers (75%)
Rape (75%)
Groups (100%)
Gagging (75%)
Watersports (60%)
Crushing (20%)
Bestiality (67%)
Fisting (80%)
Finger sucking (0%)
Toe sucking (0%)
Masturbation (67%)
Asphyxiation (75%)

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